Integration into your business model

We are by your side as a point of contact if you want to integrate the film-coating of furniture into your company, as a business line, for the first time.

You will receive the film material and associated tools for its processing directly from us, and we will answer any questions you may have regarding the materials. You can acquire expert knowledge during a comprehensive training course.

The key focal points include processing technology, price calculation and order processing – from planning to implementation. Not only are the advantages covered, but so too are points of criticism, thus equipping you to respond to the customer competently during the consultation. Our marketing tools make it easier for you to present the products.

Market demand and target groups

Build a successful business with film-coating.

When we decided to specialise in the film-coating of furniture, we were not aware of the development of the industry. Today we receive numerous inquiries within and outside Germany, to the extent that we are not able to handle all our orders on our own.

For this reason, we created the resimdo Academy. For the positive market development has not gone unnoticed on the commercial side either. We are regularly contacted by tradesmen, small businesses, craftsmen and self-employed business owners who want to integrate the product and service into their business.

Expand your product portfolio with our furniture films and generate increased revenue. Whether you are a painter, carpenter, interior decorator, exhibition stand builder, marketing technician or freelance tradesman – we can help you and offer regular and individually tailored training courses and workshops.

On top of all this, you have the option to make use of our ready-made documents on the topic of furniture film, customised with your own corporate logo and contact details. These will not only help you to sell and advise, but will also help the customer make a decision. Depending on your needs, the documents include information brochures, a product catalogue and a sample book for use during sales pitches.


Availability and stock

How much stock does resimdo store for customers and partners?

Here is a look behind the scenes at resimdo: the new film warehouse established following our 2017 move to larger premises with additional storage facilities – watch the video revealing how the setup of the new storage premises went.

At resimdo, there are three film warehouses, which are home to more than 2000 film rolls. This translates into over 100,000 linear metres of material. Despite a short turnaround time, we have reached the limit of our capacity and are already looking forward to the next phase, with another additional warehouse planning to double our storage capacity.

The three warehouse areas provide optimal coverage for the shipping process, installation requirements, project orders and bulk storage, so that the right areas are available to process orders, in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Background and origin

How did resimdo come into being?

Originally based within the field of advertising technology, after just a few years the company specialised in full vehicle wrapping and, after a short time, founded the company CarCocooning in 2008. As a well-known company within the film-coating industry, and with a strong online presence, as the market grew CarCocooning received an increasing number of inquiries regarding the film-coating of furniture. Even at this early stage, the company’s specialists grappled with the topic of furniture coating, incorporating suitable furniture films into the company’s portfolio.

After a lengthy test phase, trialling films from various manufacturers, the individual film series that met the requirements for furniture film in terms of durability, feel, appearance, stability, and processing were identified. In addition to these properties, we also focus on the price-performance ratio compared to films of a similar quality. Taking all factors into consideration, we now have a high-quality range of films, allowing us to permanently integrate the film-coating of furniture into our business, thus reaping the benefits of film-coating.

Under the name %22Möbel Cocooning%22 (Furniture Cocooning), an independent business line was formed, which has grown alongside the topic of the film-coating of furniture itself. Möbel Cocooning began reaching an increasingly broad audience, as a viable lifestyle solution. With its renaming as resimdo, a strong umbrella brand is developing, with the expressive genius of Möbel Cocooning at its core. The Latin words restaurare – renew, simplificare – simplify, and domus – dwelling form the core of resimdo. Backed up by the slogan, %22Upgrade your home%22, resimdo exemplifies the message behind furniture coating: Refresh your living space, and do so easily & quickly.



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