New medical practice interior and modern design

This is where a little imagination is called for: imagine if, next week, your practice interior, which is already getting a bit long in the tooth, were to suddenly look as though re-made from scratch. And all without you having to close down for even a single day! The long-delayed renovation of your interior furnishings would finally be realised. Old wooden surfaces in the reception gleam in clean white, while colour-contrasting furnished areas create elegant accents.

Patients rub their eyes in disbelief, for how could such a transformation be possible, without any interruption to operations? The answer is almost as surprising as the amazing result: you chose a high-quality film coating to restore all surfaces, which not only looks incredibly stylish, but also meets the requirements of a doctor’s surgery. Depending entirely on the scope of the renovation work, the practice interior can be renovated during closing hours or holiday time.

Everything remains as it was - only completely different

Modern practice interior with high-tech film.

Affordable practice interior, reception area and furniture renovation in white and grey 01
Affordable practice interior, reception area and furniture renovation in white and grey 02

Verwendete Folien:
HS204 – Shiny White Gloss
DW801 – White Vintage Wood

No noise, no unpleasant odours – just amazingly fast application: what was once dark or old-fashioned finally joins us in the modern age, as if by magic! Traces of wear and tear on practice furniture disappear beneath an extra-thick film that creates absolutely smooth or wonderfully textured surfaces. Following the renovation, the reception essentially remains as it was before – just completely different: bright and neat, friendly and ultra modern! In medical practices in need of modernisation, the decision now increasingly leans in favour of bright white, grey and black surfaces. These neutral combinations are pleasing to the eye and represent a hygienic environment in which even vulnerable patients can feel extremely comfortable. And if you like, you can also add touches of colour here and there. A non-medical practitioner’s practice can add contrasts in green, while in physiotherapy, select areas featuring fresh colours help patients focus and stay motivated. This way, you can create an individual style that fits your practice and your strong team.

Cost-effective use of film in a medical practice

Why film coating is worthwhile.

With the film coating, you also avail of several advantages for your practice at the same time. The flexible application options enable the renovation of your entire practice facility. In addition to easy and fast processing without invasive procedures, hygienic conditions and health concerns play a central role in the medical practice. Here is a brief overview of the benefits:


Renovate without turning the place into a building site, and with noise or odours.


Fast fitting, with no drying time.


An inexpensive alternative to conventional methods.


Suitable for all smooth surfaces.


Free from pollutants and harmful plasticisers.


Antibacterial and antifungal surface.


Easy to clean, stain resistant and durable.


Flame retardant and fire-resistant, certified according to the B1 standard.

Modernise tired practice interiors

An affordable facelift for reception areas, furniture and doors.

Featuring a durable adhesive layer, the film coating is suitable for all smooth surfaces. In the example, the entire practice interior, including the reception desk, the filing cabinets and all the doors, has been dressed in white film. Immediately after application, the facilities are available for use again, with no additional drying time. This will save you having to buy new furniture and remodel the reception desk, while at the same time creating an inexpensive and modern interior.

Transforming practice furnishings from wood to white, for the counter, cabinets and doors 01
Transforming practice furnishings from wood to white, for the counter, cabinets and doors 02

Verwendete Folie:
S115 – Limewashed White

Whether visiting the GP, a non-medical practitioner, a physiotherapist or the dentist, the appearance of the practice has an impact on patients. Whereas a tired practice interior with dark wooden furniture seems oppressive, light colours visually enlarge the space. Therefore, renovations tend to focus on fixed wooden elements such as the reception desk and built-in cabinets. Having re-designed the colour of the practice, you will soon notice the positive impact on patients and professionals.

Give old cabinets a facelift

Save the purchase costs of practice equipmenfurnishings.

In addition to the aesthetic improvement, the use of film coating is also economically viable. Many furnishings in a practice are tired, but still fully functional. A new purchase is only considered on the basis of appearance, meaning that restoring items by means of film-coating also saves you the cost of purchasing new the practice furniture. As you can see from the pictures, the cabinets in the dentist’s treatment room are 100% intact, but the pink colour has been changed to bright white.

Renovating white metal medical practice furnishings, quickly and affordably 01
Renovating white metal medical practice furnishings, quickly and affordably 03
Renovating white metal doctor's medical practice furnishings, quickly and affordably 02
Renovating white metal doctor's medical practice furnishings, quickly and affordably 04

Clean surfaces, hygienic effect

High-performance film for use in a medical practice

Quite rightly, the issue of hygiene is at the forefront of our minds, but you’re also very much in luck in this regard: the surfaces of the high-performance films don’t like bacteria and fungi any more than you or your patients do. The multiplication of harmful germs is significantly limited due to the film’s antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, commercially available cleaning agents can be used without any problem, meaning that nothing stands in the way of everyday treatment and cleaning. Form and function, that’s the motto! The clean, stylish look by no means remains a mere facade, but offers impeccably hygienic surfaces that are perfectly in keeping with a modern medical practice. Take a look at the various designs of our films and become your own practice decorator – with superb results.

DIY or fitter installation

Assemble your own practice furnishings or become a practice fitter.

Include all areas of your practice interior in your affordable renovation: our high-quality adhesive films can withstand everyday mechanical and chemical stress. They feel at home both on the reception desk in a dental practice and on tired practice furnishings, such as medicine cabinets in a doctor’s surgery. When our service team arrives at your site, they will bring with them the ordered material, as well as a great deal of expertise and creative nous. At last, a genuine quick-fix solution with convincing results! But not everyone likes to have everything done for them; many customers instead choose the DIY option and become practice fitters themselves. We can also support you in this regard: our resimdo academy for creative renovation freaks provides your employees with a firm foundation upon which to master modernisation on their own. This is a worthwhile option for larger group practices, medical centres or hospitals that employ their own handymen, but also for all those clever people who want to continue working away at home.



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