Self-adhesive film for cabinets

What makes a room look really beautiful? There are so many different styles, designs and decors – and fortunately, tastes are also quite different. Beauty, as has long been rumoured, is in the eye of the beholder! And yet, there is an overarching concept of balance and order that is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul.

What does all this have to do with self-adhesive film for cabinets? You’d be amazed! Because this simple tool gives you the opportunity to forge a picture from a hodgepodge of different pieces of furniture, which literally looks %22as if from one cast%22.

Design tricks using our self-adhesive film for cabinets

With charm & chic.

Without time-consuming conversion work, we use our high-tech film to transform old cabinets with a completely new look. The bonding of the surface with exclusive textures, special wood grains or fancy stone decors allows you to enhance the appearance of your cabinet inexpensively and in no time.

It is so easy to spruce up your cabinet: without painting or sanding, the film can be applied to the cabinet doors without any noise, odours or mess

Applying film to cabinets

A brief glimpse at the work involved.

resimdo bedroom cabinet film Limewashed White S115 example
resimdo bedroom cabinet film Limewashed White S115 example after

Verwendete Folie:
S115 – Pure White

In order to give you a brief insight into the workflow, we will give you an example of the steps involved in applying film to a cabinet. After cleaning and degreasing the individual cabinet parts, we apply the adhesive film for cabinets to them. The film can be heated with a heat gun. The hot and soft material moulds itself to the shape of the cabinet during application for a seamless result around the corners and edges.

Office wall cabinets film concrete bright beton example after
Office wall cabinets film concrete bright beton example

Verwendete Folie:
NS401 – Bright Concrete Beton

For textured or non-deformable decors, a cut edge is required at the corners. However, this is not visible in the overall picture, because with professional application, the edge disappears from the visible area. The choice of application is discussed and recorded in advance. Professionals will cleanly cut off any excess film with a cutter, taking any leftover material with them, so that you are not left with any mess!

Colour design

Exploiting new possibilities of furniture film.

The possibilities of film coating open up many new design options. As can be seen from the pictures, the metallic industrial look of the cabinets is completely transformed. With the film width of 1.22m, the film fits in one piece even on wide cabinet doors.

In the company colours of yellow and dark grey, the look fits in perfectly with the corporate identity and also serves as an eye-catcher for the safety cabinets. Unlike paint or varnish, the film adheres very well and permanently to the metallic substrate and can be removed again if necessary.

resimdo film commercial basement metal locker black yellow S188 Rough Banana S149 Rough Dark Grey
resimdo foil commercial basement metal locker black yellow S188 Rough Banana S149 Rough Dark Grey after

Even without any previous experience, you can cover cabinets that have a simple shape with our quality film. As a guide, support the videos that show how to work the corners and edges, and how to handle the film material. The surface cleaner can be used to completely degrease the substrate and the squeegee presses the film evenly. This way, applying film to any cabinet is child’s play!

resimdo film commercial basement metal locker black yellow S188 Rough Banana S149 Rough Dark Grey
resimdo film commercial basement metal locker black yellow S188 Rough Banana S149 Rough Dark Grey example

Foils used:
S188 – Sun
S149 – Anthracite

DIY outfit

Build your own cabinet and apply your own film.

The adhesive film for cabinets becomes really interesting in the context of DIY projects: This gives you the opportunity to build your dream piece of furniture from simple MDF or plywood boards and then visually embellish it with our versatile cabinet film. The easiest way to properly stabilise a self-built cabinet is to screw on prefabricated metal brackets from the hardware store. First make the body, then, if desired, place square timber feet on the bottom. At the very end, the cabinet doors are attached and adjusted by means of set screws on the hinges. The self-built wall cabinet gets a solid hanging device instead of feet.

But our hard-wearing and beautiful film is applied even before the fittings and handles are attached: Choose your favourite design from the wide range of self-adhesive films, from wood or stone imitations with a 3D-texture to an eye-catching high-gloss look or a discreet matt outfit in cream or pastel shades. Our range even includes glitter film for maximum design freedom. Check out our inspiration pages to see what such a transformation can look like, such as this wood-effect built-in wardrobe or this concrete-effect wardrobe. Get inspired in our store before you roll up your sleeves and get to work!

resimdo film commercial metal locker black S149 Rough Dark Grey example
resimdo foil commercial metal locker black S149 Rough Dark Grey example before

Design ideas with furniture film for cabinets

Modern furniture, old treasures & homemade.

Under the self-adhesive film for cabinets, the old surfaces disappear, giving the furniture a completely new character. If you are working on several items of furniture, you can use our self-adhesive film for cabinets to harmonise them visually. In the bedroom, the wardrobe is given a full makeover and the chest of drawers takes on a very similar look. The self-adhesive film can also be used to decorate two bedside cabinets from the flea market to match the ensemble.

Do you want a customised built-in wardrobe for the living room and want it to match the exterior of the existing furniture perfectly? In this case, either get a film that resembles the surfaces of your living room furniture, or apply film to all the cabinets, including the built-in cabinet in exactly the same style. This looks great, and you decide regardless of the choice in the furniture store!

The bathroom also benefits from the self-adhesive film for cabinets, because our products are of such high quality that they can easily withstand moisture and heat. In addition, they have an antibacterial effect and are resistant to common household cleaning agents: a fresh design and perfect hygiene can therefore be wonderfully combined in bathroom design.

With our self-adhesive film for cabinets, even offices and workshops are also given a whole new lease of life. The years of use are often evident in furniture that has been used a lot, but underneath the worn surface lies a solid core that is worth preserving. Spice up your filing cabinet or good old tool cabinet with a high-tech decorative film that makes your furniture look like new! Save money on commercial renovations without disrupting the workday. Start now and cover your cabinets with film from resimdo!



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