Interesting facts about covering with film

Achieve unbeatable benefits by applying interior film without losing sight of the costs, and create the perfect design for all areas of the home without sacrificing quality. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it can be achieved with the options offered by resimdo. Here you will find everything you need to know about the products and the application options.

Get to know resimdo products

Together we dare to metamorphose: your furniture, your walls and tiles are our goal! No room in the living area gets away unscathed, with our self-adhesive films every smooth surface gets a whole new look. But how does resimdo actually work and how good is a film? You can find out here in our Infoworld, which brings together all the information you need to know on the subject. Very quickly, you’ll discover that the perfect transformation is already just

But now let's talk straight: Is there a benefit to coating with film?

Sure, of course you are first interested in what benefits you have from resimdo in the first place. After all, it’s not obvious at first glance why self-adhesive film of all things should be the solution for your upcoming renovation project. But it soon becomes clear: this type of modernisation is not only fun but also delivers amazingly high-quality results! This is mainly due to the fantastic products, which are great to work with and last an enormous amount of time.

Are there really self-adhesive films to my taste?

Yes, absolutely! In our Infoworld, we present the types of our self-adhesive films that not only present all the colours of the rainbow, but also deceptively represent different materials such as leather, stone, concrete and metal. It’s not the look that counts here but the tactile structure that underlines the authenticity of the surface. It is now possible to achieve more than the usual standard and create selective highlights.

And the service? It will certainly not be neglected!
The resimdo staff is always available to help and advise you.
Find out about our warranty periods and explore our wide range of services on these pages. The download area rounds off the overall programme appropriately; here you can obtain extensive information about products, tools, prices and application in the convenient PDF format. In this way, you can look into your desired topic in greater detail. So: Let’s start having fun
All well and good, but can I afford it at all?
Our concrete cost examples will give you an overview of our pricing, which will certainly generate some relief. Having a complete wardrobe wall film-wrapped by professionals costs a lot less than buying a new one. What’s more, your clothes can safely stay in place, saving you a lot of work. If you apply the furniture film yourself, you can save even more money but just take a look for yourself!
A look behind the scenes: Quality and manufacturer.
We only stock products of proven quality, which have been developed to perfection in cooperation with the manufacturers over many years of experience. Take a stroll with us behind the scenes and experience what these self-adhesive films can do. Our promise: These all-rounders have evolved from cheap DIY store films to real high-tech products. Now with a new level, they are not only convincing in theory, but also in practice.
Extra protection from the sun and heat!



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