Trendbooster for commercial spaces

Do you sometimes also feel a little out of touch with the times? No, it’s not about you, but about your commercial space, which is certainly still in good shape overall, but just stylistically a little out of date. The taste of the time changes, while the furniture remains still and gets at most one or the other quirk in between. A change of style towards modern design would be in order, but what does it take? Closing times, loss of money, noise, stench and a high financial investment. Stop. There is another way, namely with high-tech self-adhesive films that turn a basic renovation into a pleasant stroll. There’s no need for you to throw out your old furniture, commission new custom-made items, paint doors or tear out tiles. Keep what you have as long as it’s sturdy and practical – and transform it in elegant way.

From old-fashioned charm to a modern, trendy design

Really chic in no time!

resimdo film practice white black wood HS204 Shiny White Gloss W705 Dark Grey Noce example
resimdo film practice white black wood HS204 Shiny White Gloss W705 Dark Grey Noce example before

Verwendete Folien:
HS204 – Shiny White Gloss
W705 – Dark Grey Noce

This weekend, it’s the reception desk’s “turn”: On Friday it still unfolds its rather old-fashioned charm, on Monday morning it presents itself in the latest trend design. Opt for silky gloss surfaces, bright colours and elements that create a harmonious look. Choose wonderfully plastic textures, perfect imitations of natural materials or fantasy decors.

resimdo hotel lobby wall wood W671 Rustic Indoor Plank example
resimdo hotel lobby wall wood W671 Rustic Indoor Plank example before

Verwendete Folie:
W671 – Rustic Indoor Plank

Maintain understated elegance in set tones and cleverly bring your corporate colours into play. The functional room divider becomes a visual highlight, an exclusive ambience radiates from the restaurant counter, and the conference room becomes the company’s modern flagship.

resimdo medical practice treatment room wood XP115 Cypress White example
resimdo medical practice treatment room wood XP115 Cypress White example before

Verwendete Folie:
XP115 – Cypress White

Using film, tables and chairs with an antique touch are magically transformed at the end of the working day, and come out looking great the very next day. Patients and guests continue to come and go unhindered and are often spontaneously amazed when the walls and floor have suddenly been beamed into the modern age.

Lasting satisfaction effect all along the line

What are the advantages of film coating.

Save your nerves and your wallet in one go! Our adhesive films are suitable for a wide range of commercial spaces, from medical practices and offices to hotels and restaurants.

Cost-effective and profitable.

No invasive procedures.

Without a building site or waiting time.

Quick renovation with a vast choice.

Adheres to all smooth surfaces.

Durable against abrasion.

Antibacterial and antifungal.

Dirt resistant and easy to clean.

The material is not at all affected by continuous day-to-day use; it sticks extremely well and proves to be enormously hard-wearing. Regular cleaning agents are totally fine to use because they always make it pore-deep clean. Germs, however, do not thrive on the antibacterial surfaces, and even problematic liquids such as coffee and coke do no harm.

In short, you get a complete package that provides lasting satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come. And we are also happy: Because our special films are riding the wave of success, we have opened the resimdo academy for you. Here, your employees can master the art of transformation with adhesive films. Afterwards, you will be ready to renovate many more rooms skilfully with your own staff, perhaps your own commercial premises or as a service on behalf of a customer.

Nimble master film fitters versus hard-working self-taught amateurs

Hire professionals to do the job or integrate your own staff.

Attending our academy is certainly not a %22must%22, but an empowering tool, for those who have great things in mind. If you are the proverbial cobbler who prefers to stick to his last, you can call in the resimdo service team, which will get to work for you with great enthusiasm. Our fast-working master film fitters know exactly how to achieve the most beautiful results as quickly as possible. Of course, if you are self-taught, you can also take advantage of our training to learn how to apply the film and do renovations on your own at low cost. Three ways, one great opportunity: How do you reach your goal?



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