Do it yourself tutorial videos

With the help of clear instruction videos, you can see how the film is applied directly to the object of your choice. In addition to learning how to handle the film, you will also see how to use the film application tools.

resimdo film tiles bathroom wall tiles grey stone example

Glueing tiles

Whether wall or floor tiles: The video shows how easy it is to apply tile cut-outs correctly right up to the joints, regardless whether you are working on a kitchen, bathroom, hallway or other tiled rooms

resimdo film door wood light grey interior door example

Door with frame

The tutorial shows an example of how to master the procedure in the difficult places. The tutorial shows an example of how to deal with the trickier spots.

resimdo film kitchen kitchen fronts red black grey example

New kitchen

A lot of life takes place in the kitchen and should be enjoyed with pleasure. For kitchen cabinets, fronts and countertop here is the DIY video tutorial you need.

resimdo film stairs wood white example

Renovate stairs

The film can be applied to stairs in a jiffy without the need for dismantling and matches the colour of the staircase to the rest of the room. The video shows an example of the film application procedure.

resimdo film living room wood windows example

Applying film to window frames

The video shows the individual steps involved in applying film to window frames and sills made of plastic, aluminium and wood. Just a little film with a little time transforms all parts of the window into a uniform and modern look.

resimdo film bedroom wall concrete example

Coating walls with film

Film already comes with adhesive: Wide film strips adhere to the smooth wall without dripping or smearing. The video explains in detail how to apply the material and how to make the transitions.

resimdo film kitchen drawer wood dark example

Modernise furniture

From beds to sideboards, create a new look for old furniture yourself. Watch the video to see the tools and techniques used, from use of the squeegee to the finishing of corners and edges.

resimdo magnetic floor wood light example

Innovative flooring

Lay a new covering on an existing floor without a construction site. Without glue or a click system, the thin flooring adheres magnetically and proves to be absolutely robust in everyday use.



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