Film with texture

Textile patterns

Adhesive film made of textile or with textile elements looks particularly classy. A textile surface is applied to the film’s adhesive layer. The durability of the adhesive surface is not limited on account of the two separate layers, but adheres to smooth surfaces like any adhesive film. It is just as suitable for furniture and shelving as for use on the wall.

Abstract patterns

Abstract patterns on the film create new accents in your living spaces. Applied to the desired surface, the patterns breathe life into any smooth or white surfaces. The self-adhesive film can be very flexibly applied to walls or furniture, thus adding new highlights to the design of your living space. Individual elements or entire surfaces create specific accents in the room, and the film can also be removed and the space re-designed. Therefore, you are not tied to any one style – even in our modern world, the products are as flexible as their place of installation.

Golf ball pattern

ZDRAX’s aerodynamic Performance film, featuring a tactile golf ball texture, originated from the field of technical film coating, with the aim of creating energy-efficient surfaces. Due to the innovative design variation, we only use the film within the context of project business. With the patented and unique production technology, the film is only suitable for projects requiring quantities starting at 1000 linear metres. Outside of project business, the style is only available in the form of samples to aid preliminary project discussion and is not available for retail sale. Production begins after project planning and the product is only produced in the quantity required for the specific project.



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