Extensive training programs in the academy

The resimdo Academy offers training courses on all aspects of interior film and film application. It does not matter whether you use the film for commercial purposes or for private use. We offer a suitable programme for every need or adapt it to suit individual requirements. Just take a look at what fits your needs and ask us without obligation.

resimdo film black white wood concrete stone metal example

DIY workshop

Working in small groups for private use, an experienced fitter will teach you the techniques of application. He always has tips and tricks for your planned project.

resimdo film commercial black white wood concrete stone metal example

Company training for trade

If you are planning to integrate or expand professional wrapping services in your business, our company training offers you all the possibilities. From the calculation of quotes to final application.

resimdo film private black white wood concrete stone metal example

Market development

See at a glance how the film is positioned on the market and how it is applied. Some interesting insights show how the new product is becoming increasingly popular in Germany.



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