Colourful adhesive film

Colourful adhesive breathes new life, as after all, colours play an important role in our lives. They consciously and subconsciously influence people’s emotions and serve as an expression of well-being and personality. However, many colour shades are ambiguous and cannot be pigeonholed. Red, for example, triggers aggressive feelings on the one hand, but also represents passion and love on the other. Blue tones are essentially considered harmonious colours, but are also associated with cold. The list goes on, almost indefinitely, and is interpreted differently by everyone. Over time, perception changes. What is a favourite or is considered on-trend today won’t stay that way forever. Transition and change are part of life and adhesive film in bright colours provides new opportunities for colour design.

Coloured adhesive film for colour design, in white as a base colour: CO-BA-S115 Limewashed White
Colour film and coloured adhesive film in orange/yellow for colour design: CO-BA-S146 Sunrise Yellow
Coloured adhesive film in matte purple and lavender for colour design: CO-BA-S207 Pastel Purple
Self-adhesive coloured film for colour design, in aqua blue: CO-BA-S175 Aqua Blue
Adhesive film combination colour in elegant mouse grey: CO-BA-S209 Mouse Grey

Add colour to your design with adhesive film

Fresh, joyful and alive.

Individual pieces of furniture or complete furniture sets are not available to buy in stores in every possible colour. The colour palette is limited to a given spectrum and does not always deliver exactly what you are looking for. In many cases, designing with coloured adhesive film offers an alternative, especially if you want a quick makeover, without buying new furniture. Here the coloured adhesive film covers the original colour tone completely and evenly. Even after a few years, the coloured adhesive film can be completely removed by applying heat, without damaging the furnishings. You still have the option to change the colour of your interior furnishings or even your entire room design at any time, meaning we can respond quickly to current trends, with coloured accents and colourful ideas. The coloured adhesive film has special properties, so it can easily withstand the loads it encounters in home and everyday use. Heat-resistant and waterproof, it is everyday-compatible, meaning that, under normal use, there is no reason it cannot be used on glass or furniture.

Coloured adhesive film - low-maintenance and stain-resistant

Matte surfaces play a major role in an interior space. Low-maintenance and stain-resistant, coloured adhesive films for tabletops, cabinet walls, or shelves provide an ideal basis for a splash of colour. A rough surface only reflects light to a limited extent, creating a matte finish. Additives added during the colour design determine the depth of the matte finish, and pores on the surface prevent dirt particles from settling. Fingerprints or stains are not immediately visible, which plays an important role in the colour design, for simple everyday use in a living room or utility room. Available in many colours, the adhesive film adds bright colours with fresh and vibrant accents. At the same time, an added splash of colour breaks up the monotony of everyday life and triggers joy.

Coloured adhesive film with sample image - kitchen cabinets covered in a red colour film: CO-BA-S147 Rough Lobster

Glossy film - High-quality and bubble-free

Furniture in a high gloss finish has long been a firm fixture as part of an on-trend look, however, this finish has seen itself increasingly limited to classic white and black tones. A special layer on the surface makes the glossy film shine. Completely smooth, it reflects the light and brings the surface to life, through reflection and mirroring. An additional %22healing%22 effect means that fine scratches can be removed using heat, and so, the film is often used in furnishings. A coloured adhesive film provides a really nice contrast against neutral colours, such as white and black. This breathes a little life into the room and prevents it from looking overly sterile.

Gloss film in white as a base colour for coloured film or colourful accents: CO-BA-HS204 Shiny White Gloss

Colour in a glitter film - Colourful metallic effect

Like a metallic paint, additional particles in the film layer add a glitter effect. Only when exposed to light, can the fine glitter, ranging from blue to red, be seen, immediately adding accents in the classic colour. The glitter film combines classic colours with a modern effect. A highlight for anyone who finds a simple black or white too boring, but a colourful adhesive film too overpowering. Nevertheless, the subtle glitter leaves open the option to add further splashes of colour. Because the effect is difficult to see on a large surface, the only example we can show is that of the product image. However, from this you can see that adhesive film can add colour to your design, even if only in the form of a subtle glitter effect.

Glitter film with metallic effect in colour, to design your living space: CO-BA-CP102 Sparkling Olive Matt



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