Commercial renovation

Silky gloss surfaces, without a single scratch, in the most modern design: this is how the boss wants the reception area to be for his customers. However, once a few years or even decades have passed, the appearance of the furniture has noticeably suffered, despite every effort to look after it. And things don’t look any better in the assembly halls either. Something urgently needs to be done before the next plant tour. However, operations must continue, whether in the production industry, in a hotel, or a retail store. Closing down completely for a thorough renovation just isn’t an option! There is a wonderful solution to this problem, namely high-quality film for heavy use areas that have to look incredibly well maintained for a long period of time.

Fast renovation

With no noise or unpleasant odours.

resimdo commercial office reception white wood-effect film: S115 Limewashed White - example
resimdo commercial office reception white wood-effect film: S115 Limewashed White - before example

Verwendete Folie:
S115 – Limewashed White

Forget all the images that spontaneously come to mind when you hear the word %22refurbishment%22! A thorough renovation can also be performed without dust and unpleasant odours, and even during ongoing operations. The prerequisite is that the basic components are sound: solid furnishings, perhaps supplemented here and there by custom elements, will provide the best basis for a smart renovation using our architectural film. It does not matter whether you are restoring an office space, reception areas, medical practices or production halls. The modern, high-performance film is suitable for a wide range of surfaces and numerous areas of application.

Want some more examples? To this end, we offer our picture gallery with before and after pictures and shots captured during the work.

Take advantage

Well-maintained surfaces with a sophisticated look, in no time at all.

resimdo film commercial bar counter tap coloum white brown gold LS102 Hard White Wood W823 Dark Noce APZ25 Strong Golden Fabric - example
resimdo film commercial bar counter tap coloum white brown gold LS102 Hard White Wood W823 Dark Noce APZ25 Strong Golden Fabric - before example

Verwendete Folien:
LS102 – Hard White Wood
W823 – Dark Noce
APZ25 – Strong Golden Fabric

In a nutshell, besides the high money-saving potential in commercial spaces, film-coating delivers a quick and inexpensive transformation without affecting daily business operations. When performed professionally, no invasive procedures are required before, during or after the application of the film, so there are no unpleasant nuisances, in the form of noise, odours or dirt. The premises and furnishings are available for full use again immediately after the work has been carried out. In addition to simply refreshing your spaces, the film can also be used to enhance your surfaces with modern colours and/or tactile textures. In this regard, it is also possible to adhere to your corporate identity guidelines without any problem.

Discover the areas of application

Operational transformation – From top to bottom.

Hotel refurbishment during ongoing operations: nothing is impossible

We’ll gradually polish up your hotel, restaurant or café to a high sheen, working from one side of the room to the other with our durable, high-performance film, as you watch the miraculous transformation unfold. There will be no unpleasant odours, noise or dirt, so guests may look surprised, but will still enjoy their stay without any disturbance. Once the work is complete, the hard-working team will be on their way, leaving behind a completely finished premises, with no drying or waiting time.

Reception area and counter adorned with decorative film

The reception and counter area serve as a kind of business card for your company – everything should look perfect here. This is easily achieved, even with already ageing furniture. Choose one of the many film styles, which, depending on the design, may also feature textured finishes. Thus, the older wooden counter top becomes shiny marble and the plastic counter becomes a piece of furniture in deceptively real imitation oak. Stylish colour accents are also feasible, ranging from stylish anthracite to bright blue or sunny yellow.

Bring new shine to old metal furniture in an industrial setting

Solid old metal furniture, which has already been through a lot, is given a complete makeover with our high-quality, durable film. The focus is on two aspects. Firstly, the fact that the new surfaces should withstand everyday mechanical chemical stresses. And secondly, that, after the renovation, everything should look natural and like new. Our professional team will fulfil these requirements using the film of your choice without any problem.

A new dawn: a fresh look for the solarium

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in the solarium, but the aged surfaces never look completely clean. The antibacterial effect of our high-tech films is perfectly in keeping with the concept here: after a rejuvenating treatment, the room shines once again in fresh colours and everything immediately looks much cleaner and more aesthetic. And the impression is certainly not deceiving – from now on, deep-cleaning will no longer be an issue.



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