Wall design

In these times of rapid development, there should surely be a new way to decorate walls aside from the traditional use of wallpaper, paint and plaster. Clean, durable and, above all, pleasantly effective – this is our vision for the wall design of today. Without the need to first move furniture to safety, so that it is not blemished by paint or wallpaper paste. Free from unpleasant odours and harmful substances, with low-maintenance surfaces and robust quality. Utopia? No, fortunately not!

Wall design ideas

A wide range of designs and tactile textures.

resimdo red iron oxide metallic living room wall film - example
resimdo white office partition wall film - example
resimdo wood-effect nursery wall film - example
resimdo white wood-effect office wall covering -  example

Textured surfaces, iridescent colours, creation of depth: modern wall design offers a lot to be desired. Brochures wax lyrical, with enticing product descriptions. However, it is not tempting advertising slogans you’re looking for, but rather a practical solution that will permanently enhance your living space! With our wall film, a wide range of ideas can be implemented in one simple application.

resimdo concrete living room wall film: NS403 Dark Concrete Beton - example
resimdo concrete living room wall film: NS403 Dark Concrete Beton - before example

Verwendete Folie:
NS403 – Dark Concrete Beton

With no need for paste, the film is applied onto the bare wall and quickly implements the trendy concrete look. To match the wall design, additional accents have been added to your wooden furniture and glass tables and, if you look closely, you will see the perfect attention to detail. The same film is stuck onto the visible cable ducts, creating a harmonious overall look. A tone-on-tone colour scheme and textured surfaces transform the living room, for a modern and uniform look.

New eye-catching features

Former VFB player Tobias Rathgeb’s rear kitchen wall.

%22Something new is needed, something special.%22 Former VFB Stuttgart player, Tobias Rathgeb, approaches Maler Schäfer with this idea. Instead of new paint, the master painter suggests film-coating the rear wall of the kitchen with an effect film. Tobias Rathgeb chooses a film with a metallic shimmer and a textured pattern from the range of films.

Custom design

Implement your very own ideas.

resimdo wood-effect hotel lobby wall film: W671 Rustic Indoor Plank - after example
resimdo wood-effect hotel lobby wall film: W671 Rustic Indoor Plank - example

Verwendete Folie:
W671 – Rustic Indoor Plank

When it comes to wall design, it doesn’t have to be an off-the-shelf colour. On the contrary, you are more than welcome to implement your own individual ideas. Once you create a new rough layout, unique elements can be realised in your wall design. Patterns, effects and textures can be incorporated without any problem, for, with the large selection of adhesive films, there is sure to be a suitable design variant. Individual walls and self-built partition elements are transformed into an exclusive highlight with their new look. In addition to the visible change, tactile properties are added, especially in the case of abstract films. With its haptics, the special design adds the finishing touch.

Beautiful surfaces

Film-coated walls rather than wallpaper.

resimdo living room wall film: NS410 Red Iron Oxide - after example
resimdo living room wall film: NS410 Red Iron Oxide - example

Film used:
NS410 – Red Iron Oxide

Don’t for one second think that this kind of wall design will somehow make your walls look like plastic! On the contrary, we have a deceptively real stone and brick look ready for you, or you could decorate your rooms with textile-like embossed prints or a wonderfully warm wood pattern. Here the modern manufacturing processes used to make our high-tech films offer a host of benefits: they achieve amazing authenticity when it comes to mimicking natural materials. However, the abstract patterns also give your walls their own unique character when re-designing with adhesive film – graceful or acidic, brightly coloured or subtle. In addition, there are fancy glitter effects and velvet styles with which to add a truly individual touch to your living spaces. This makes wall design really fun!

resimdo wood-effect nursery wall film: DW204 Alphabet Wood - after example
resimdo wood-effect nursery wall film: DW204 Alphabet Wood - before example
resimdo wood-effect nursery wall film: DW204 Alphabet Wood - example

Film used:
DW204 – Alphabet Wood

Anyone who has children in their household will know all too well that they like to %22nibble%22 at the wallpaper, picking off pieces: this does not work with foiled walls. This clever children’s room wall design offers no points of attach for children’s small hands. Once applied, the enjoyment you get from it will last not just for the initial days and weeks, but for years to come.

Apply the film like wallpaper

The professional team in action.

resimdo white wood-effect attic wall film - example
resimdo white wood-effect attic wall film - example

Verwendete Folie:
Weißes Holzdekor

No masking and taping, no time-consuming removal of traces of paste: unlike wallpapering, film-coating really cuts down on additional prep work. As such, it takes our team of experts just a few hours to apply your personal decorative film to the wall, with a wonderfully smooth, even surface and a continuous pattern. You simply leave your furniture where it is, only moving items that are positioned directly against the wall slightly towards the centre of the room. During the work, there are neither unpleasant odours nor dust or dirt, and you can continue to live in the house quite comfortably.

As you watch your desired wall design quickly take shape, you may feel like offering the friendly team a cup of coffee as a small reward. And that’s your contribution to this renovation project covered. The newly finished surfaces of your walls, and perhaps your ceiling, are very easy to clean in comparison to wallpaper or plaster. With glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth, you can quickly achieve perfect hygiene and cleanliness. Quite different from textured wallpapers, which over the years accumulate dust and dirt and are not particularly forgiving in the event of little accidents! This is therefore a wall design method that has the edge over the competition – and not just in terms of the effort required and the finished look.

Learn more about the properties of our architectural film!

Apply the adhesive film yourself

DIY: adhesive trend for walls.

If you like, you can also grab your own film, cutter, and squeegee to give your wall, ceiling or fireplace a new look. Familiarise yourself with the material beforehand and, above all, make sure that the surface is smooth and clean. All the wall film styles that we process, can be found in our film store, complete with image materials and the option to order samples. You can then make a start freshening up your living space!



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