New for tables and tabletops

Due to frequent use, refurbishing tabletops is a particularly time-consuming task and needs to be done at regular intervals. Cuts, scratches and stains cannot be avoided, especially on real wood, and are difficult to remove even by painting or varnishing. For an old-fashioned or worn tabletop, table film provides an economical alternative to maintain special designs or enhance the look. Wood decor, stone look or textured film create new highlights cost-effectively. High-quality table film is durable, easy to clean and water repellent, so it can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Cover a dining table with film

Visual enhancement.

resimdo dining room table concrete black film example
resimdo dining room table concrete black film example image

Verwendete Folien:
NS401 – Bright Concrete Beton
S140 – Rough Dark Black

Bring fresh colour to the table surface. A robust film is a simple and quick solution to give your tabletop a new look. An innovative technique lies in individual manufacturing layers of the film so that everyday use, regular cleaning and small mishaps do not affect the surface. On the contrary, the film enhances the tabletop and the body of the table frame. The concrete used in the example in combination with black results in a modern colour combination.

Desk design

Pattern and texture for the work table.

resimdo office desk film dark grey film S149 Rough Dark Grey
resimdo office desk film dark grey film S149 Rough Dark Grey sample image

Verwendete Folie:
S149 – Rough Dark Grey

The main advantage of covering tabletops with film lies in the fast application, without contamination. Restoring a table with film is done by trained professionals. After briefly cleaning the surface, the tabletop is covered in a few steps, followed by the corners and edges and finally the table legs. Without disruptive work processes such as dust, noise or odour, once the film has been applied, this useful object is immediately ready for use again. The film is suitable for enhancing the surface of any smooth substrate, especially glass, plastic or metal.

Covering glass tables

Uniform colour scheme in the workplace.

In addition to the uniform design, the main reason for covering a table in film is the practical benefit. The glossy black of the glass tables has a high-class look, but they involve an almost endless amount of work. Fingerprints and stains are permanently visible on the work, meeting and side tables.

resimdo office desk glass table black white film S140 Rough Dark Black
resimdo office desk glass table black white film S140 Rough Dark Black

To avoid the constant cleaning, all tables receive a matte foil cover. On a decor with a matte surface, fingerprints in particular stand out significantly less, because light reflection hardly plays a role with a matte decor.

resimdo office meeting glass table black white film S140 Rough Dark Black

The black glass tables will be a thing of the past in a short time and the busy workday with employees and customers will be much easier with the film in black matt. With the help of the fitters, all gloss surfaces were bonded within a day, so there were no restrictions.

resimdo office meeting glass table black white film S140 Rough Dark Black example
resimdo office meeting glass table black white film S140 Rough Dark Black sample image

Covering a glass table with film is a very popular DIY project, because the adhesive layer adheres very well to the smooth glass. In addition, it is possible to cut directly along the edges to achieve superb results using the film following a few simple steps, even without previous experience. Any surface can be transformed to match the furnishings and, if necessary, the film can be removed or renewed.

Verwendete Folie:
S140 – Rough Dark Black

DIY - Apply film yourself

The do-it-yourselfer is in charge.

resimdo living room side table wood film W671 Rustic Indoor Plank example
resimdo living room side table wood film W671 Rustic Indoor Plank example result

Verwendete Folie:
W671 – Rustic Indoor Plank

Of course, you can also transform an older table into a real gem with your own hands. Flat surfaces and smooth edges can be achieved easily and quickly without much practice; more complicated shapes often require specialist know-how or a little practice. So if you have a plain shaped table that you want to give a new look with film, then simply order the table film of your choice in our store.

The right tools for applying film: A rubber squeegee helps to press the film on gently, while a sharp cutter knife is used to cut the film very precisely. A heat gun can be used to apply the film seamlessly to corners and a special surface cleaner removes all greasy and oily residues in advance. The most important tools are available individually or in a practical kit in the store. Carefully fold the new high-quality cover of your tables at the edges so that it adheres very firmly to the surface in this sensitive area. In between, you can quietly take a few steps back to marvel at the gradual transformation: this makes renovation really fun!

Ideas for tables

Try renovating the modern way.

A tabletop has to endure a lot day after day, it should not only look aesthetically pleasing but also serve as a useful working area. For this reason, there are high demands placed on the table surface. It must be highly durable, so that the first signs of wear can wait as long as possible. That’s why our film is ideal for giving your table not only a fresh look but basically a whole new surface: resistant to scratches and cleaning agents – and still wonderfully chic! What makes this particular film so unique?

Thick layer high-tech film

Covering a table with film is not simply a matter of applying film. This may sound strange at first, but it’s easy to explain: At the latest when our professional team arrives with its high-quality film, you will find that this material leaves nothing to be desired. It has a much thicker quality than the usual hardware store products and a special bubble-free consistency that allows you to cover a tabletop completely bubble-free. What’s more, many of our high-quality film designs feature tactile textures, such as a three-dimensional wood or stone grain.

Anyone who has ever held this material in their hands will have some idea why it is so wonderfully easy to design table surfaces with it! The tactile test also gives a clear indication of the durability and hard-wearing nature of our film, which has been specially developed for decorating utility furniture. Whether it’s a dining table or a desk, a side table or a wooden table for the patio, with this carefully composed product you’ll experience a soothing change of style that will provide long-lasting satisfaction. Our experts will apply the film to tabletops, table legs and drawers, so that your piece of furniture will not simply look like it’s been renovated, but more like it’s been bought new. Table film also offers the possibility of simply upgrading old furnishings in office design.



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