Metal-effect adhesive film

Why do people use metal-effect adhesive film nowadays? The perception of metal purely as a building material or as a sterile surface has long since been a thing of the past. Today, the metal effect is put to clever use in architecture and is integrated into interior designs, as a stylish and sophisticated surface finish. Adding metallic accents to individual elements or entire pieces of furniture creates a special effect. Like a varnish, the adhesive film imitates the metal look, with a shimmering sheen. Some styles feature elegant and decorative patterns in addition to the metal look. Rather than handling heavy materials, the metal-effect adhesive film allows for easy implementation, without bringing in the heavy artillery. Classic colours dominate the metal range, such as gold, silver or copper.

Metal-effect adhesive film in a gold/orange rust bronze finish, for rooms, wallpaper or furniture: CO-AB-APZ06 Rustic Bronze
Metal-effect adhesive film in gold with a black pattern, for creative decoration in your home: CO-AB-APZ05 Gold Crack
Metal-effect film in gold and a textured metal effect, self-adhesive for interior design use: CO-AB-APZ25 Strong Golden Fabric
Metal-effect adhesive film in a silver gold combination, with a wood texture, for interior design use: CO-AB-APZ04 Metal Pine
Metal-effect film in a brushed aluminium look, in silver, with a realistic texture: CO-BA-DM017 Finished Metallic Silver

Metallic elements in film

From antiquity to the present day.

Way back in Ancient Egypt or in Roman times, precious metals were already considered important materials for use in palaces, churches and other magnificent buildings. Prestige, elegance and wealth are the characteristics associated with the precious material. Having first fascinated the ancient advanced civilizations, the fascination remains to this day. With their prestigious effect and stylish accents, metallic surfaces still create a high-end and exceptional ambience today. As an adhesive film in a metal effect, special effects can be easily and quickly implemented in your room design and perfectly recreate the modern industrial look, with creative highlights that add a touch of gold, shine and grandeur

Adding the metal-effect adhesive film in gold to your interior design creates genuine highlights, for example within a restaurant setting
Right down to the detail on the tap, self-adhesive film in a metal effect stylishly sets off your creative design
Metal-effect adhesive film on the staircase in gold, with textured, replaces monotony with modernity in a restaurant.

Due to their rarity and the effort involved in their processing, real metal materials incur high costs in terms of acquisition and manufacture. Therefore, a high-quality metal-effect adhesive film offers a simple, environmentally-friendly and affordable alternative, without sacrificing the desired look. No invasive procedures are necessary when applying the film, meaning the transformation can take place without the need for a construction site. In addition, the metallic designs come in a range of different variants, textures and patterns, meaning that accents can be applied in a targeted manner to suit the interior design.

Metal effects in the form of a film - blurred and textured

A number of the decorative surfaces on the metal-effect adhesive films use gold, silver or bronze to create a striking metallic look. The colour combinations are among the special features of the designs, revealing rust spots or signs of wear, just like the real thing. Incorporated red tones and imperfect transitions create an extravagant look. Smooth or textured, a clean pattern will add the perfect highlight to an industrial look. The example shows the smooth surface of a rust effect film.

Metal-effect adhesive film in a gold/orange rust-effect bronze for creative ideas with an industrial look

Metal effect with aluminium - fine lines creating texture

Aluminium with a brushed surface finish enhances the external appearance with its textured metallic effect. The fine lines are created by means of a special polishing technique and can be milled into the metal-effect adhesive film, just as they are on actual panels. Due to the real line pattern, the film gives the glued object genuine texture that is evident to the touch. With its durable properties, it is suitable for everyday use, while at the same time enabling simple fitting.

Metal-effect film with a brushed aluminium surface coating, for smooth surfaces in silver grey and other tones

Carbon effect - patterned synthetic fibre

Not pure metal, but an innovation within the construction industry. Carbon-reinforced plastic, better known simply as carbon, is revolutionising lightweight construction in the aerospace industry. With its strength, it is used as a replacement for metals in construction projects, and so it rightly earns a place within the metal category. In addition to its technical advantages, carbon has a distinctive pattern that is increasingly utilised for aesthetic reasons. Flexibly applied to any smooth surface, the carbon effect of the film can be quickly recreated. We also create a similar look with our metal-effect adhesive film.

Metal-effect adhesive film as a building material in carbon black, to add creative accents to any room



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