resimdo - when true beauty comes from outside

At resimdo, mutability is the magic word of the modern age. Creative minds are not satisfied with what is available, but create something new, invest creative energy and revel in the joy of design. Cocooning is the magic word and means wrapping everyday items with a heavy duty, durable film. In the process, the appearance of furnishings and rooms is transformed into a completely new design. The robust film from resimdo completely covers the underlying paint and creates a completely new look.

Discover the world of interior film and let resimdo inspire you!

Renovate simply with film from resimdo

We supply the right material for your ideas, so that your furniture, walls and floors also enjoy a true renaissance. Or: come back to life with a completely new look. In our extensive range you will find more than just decorative films: we have self-adhesive surfaces ready for you that are thicker and more durable than you have ever seen. Surfaces that can effortlessly withstand strain, day after day, as if they had always been part of your everyday life.

Ideas without construction site

Without a construction site or conversion work, resimdo film transforms a complete interior with modern colours, unusual designs and tactile textures. Decorative surfaces wrap individual pieces of furniture, entire rooms or permanently integrated add-on parts in a completely new dress. For private households and business premises, it offers an inexpensive, clean and fast alternative for renovation and conversion work.

Stress-free with professional installation

The combination of high-quality film and professional application gives you perfect results. Once you have chosen the right decor for your interior, our installation team will take care of the rest. From planning to implementation, a competent team will be at your side to ensure stress-free results. Within a short time, the trained resimdo fitters will turn your ideas for renovation into reality.

Enthusiastic DIY fans

For enthusiastic home makers and do-it-yourselfers, we offer the possibility of getting active themselves as an alternative to having the job done by professionals. True to the motto %22Do it yourself%22 (DIY) you can buy the resimdo film in our store and do it yourself. When working on the project, you will have access to the right material and tools, as well as clear video instructions and helpful customer support. We will be pleased to support you with tips and ticks on film application.

Renovating and spoilt for choice

Simple, elegant or a little eccentric: the choice is yours! High-quality decors and realistic, plastic textures merge to form a whole that can not only be seen, but also felt. Choose between plain, classy or fancy. Revel in patterns, colours and deceptively realistic-looking materials! Beautiful solid colours are just as available at resimdo as gorgeous imitation leather, glamorous gold patterns or striking industrial looks. A bit of glitter and shine is fine, but we also welcome discreet matt surfaces. For the self-adhesive film there is hardly any restriction in the modern, creative or crazy ideas when renovating.

Renovation has never been so easy and trouble-free

At resimdo, it’s all about transformation, linked with that feeling of anticipation that always comes when something exciting or new is about to happen. It doesn’t matter whether the renovation involves individual parts of the interior or the entire interior design of a private home or a commercial space. The amazing effect remains the same! After all, in what other way it is so easy to visually transform all kinds of furniture, but also tile backsplashes, floors, walls and even the bathroom ceramics? Because during the renovation by bonding, there is no noise, no disturbing smell or even the hassle of a construction site, because the resimdo film wraps the old surfaces in a new dress, without reconstruction. In commercial premises, business can even continue during the renovation. 

DIY - or would you rather have a professional do the job?

Passionate do-it-yourselfers will simply get down to work themselves, keeping themselves well informed with a detailed video tutorial and perfectly equipped with the right tools. To make things easier, our furniture film can be cut to size in advance with scissors or, for tiles, ordered directly as ready-made tile stickers. If you prefer to let real professionals do the job, you can hire our experienced service team, which can easily master even large-scale projects and complicated shapes. The film experts bring the necessary material to do the job, as well as a lot of cheerful drive. On the website of resimdo you can get all price information and cost examples in advance and start your personal dream project with all the information you need.


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