Modern restaurant interior

A restaurant represents a social space, with the main focus being the well-being and enjoyment of its guests. The restaurant interior will trigger different perceptions in visitors, depending on the ambience. Over the years, the needs of customers and owners change, creating cause for interior renovation work. To avoid impacting restaurant operations with the redesign, film coating offers a flexible alternative to traditional methods in all areas. Surprise new and old customers with a quick upgrade!

As shown in short in the video, the durable film material adheres to all smooth surfaces. The bar counter gets a fresh new colour combination in dark brown with white elements, to match the chairs. The cabinets, shelves and storage in the back of the bar also tie in with the white and brown look. Visual highlights in the room include the newly covered column in a golden textured film, which blends with the freshly coated bar tap and the staircase in the background. The modern restaurant interior is complete and really impresses upon its re-opening. Regulars are amazed at the positive transformation and look forward to enjoying the new era in the restaurant.

Complete coating of a restaurant interior

The all-round package for restaurants

Complete restoration of a restaurant interior in modern colours 01
Complete restoration of a restaurant interior in modern colours 02

Verwendete Folien:
LS102 – Hard White Wood
W823 – Dark Noce
APZ25 – Strong Golden Fabric

Without interrupting everyday business, renovation with the robust high-tech film can be performed during regular closing days. Pre-cut pieces also ensure that fitters can work quickly. With no additional waiting time due to drying or adhesion, the restaurant can be available for guests and staff immediately after application. The high-performance adhesive layer on the back of the decorative coating adheres to all smooth surfaces, meaning that the film coating is an option that can be considered in the overall planning of the restaurant interior. At the same time, the coating requires no invasive procedures. We can avoid construction noise, odours and debris.

Coating with film as a cost-effective alternative

Modernisation: fast and inexpensive.

Create a modern restaurant interior, quickly and inexpensively, without turning the place into a major construction site. Film coating with resimdo makes it possible. Completely refresh your restaurant, from planning to implementation by the installation team, or perhaps you might like to go down the DIY route? Let your restaurant business benefit from several advantages over traditional renovation methods:


Renovate without turning the place into a building site, and with noise or odours.


Fast fitting, with no drying time.


Inexpensive alternative to conventional methods.


Suitable for all smooth surfaces.


Lasting durability rather than making a new purchase.


Tactile textures and special surfaces.


Easy to clean, stain resistant and durable.


Flame retardant and fire-resistant, certified according to the B1 standard.

Aesthetics and durability, practically combined.

With our high-performance films, you’re choosing a combination of aesthetics and durability that is as practical as it is beautiful. Restaurant interiors consist of heavily used items that are required to withstand a great deal over the years – and our films are designed to do just that. They hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life, adhere almost stubbornly to their substrate, can withstand standard cleaning agents, and even have a flame-retardant effect with a B1 fire protection class rating. But that’s not all: bacteria and fungi find it very difficult to spread on these surfaces, while contact with cola, coffee, vinegar, or soy sauce poses no problem whatsoever. The fact that the films are free of harmful substances should really go without saying.

Application on a metallic surface

Adheres to all smooth surfaces – with no exceptions.

Restaurant interior renovation, from planning to implementation 01
Restaurant interior renovation, from planning to implementation 02

With their strong adhesive power, the films can be used for all areas of interior design. Smooth surfaces such as metal, plastic, or glass present a particular challenge when applying paint or varnish. For the self-adhesive film coating, on the other hand, these smooth surfaces provide an ideal base for adhesion. This way you can add individual accents or eye-catching features to the room. Coated in gold, the film gives the staircase a special (Midas) touch. Combined with the column and the tap in gold, it creates a tasteful overall look, without coming across as obtrusive.

New design for the restaurant bar 01
New design for the restaurant bar 02

The high-quality adhesive films can be applied to the old surfaces of the restaurant interior in no time and transform the appearance to amazing effect. Suddenly, you’re standing in a brand-new restaurant that offers a vast array of visual highlights, in spite of the fact that none of the pre-existing furnishings have moved an inch. The transformation took place during closing hours, piece by piece, leaving behind neither dirt nor unpleasant odours. The regulars observed the metamorphosis with delight, with a new surprise to discover with every visit. The silver-coloured fireplace became a rustic brick feature, the surface of which even features typical brick textures. The tired bar was covered in sophisticated, dark wood and now stands proudly, like a beautiful piece of jewellery. The chairs and tables also undergone a visual transformation, now gleaming in a fresh white that contrasts beautifully with the warm wood of the seating and storage surfaces. Also check out the cloakroom and cash register, and enjoy the harmonious look!

A small change with a big effect

Stylish details to add cosiness.

Rather than go for complete renovation, add targeted accents to the restaurant interior 01
Rather than go for complete renovation, add targeted accents to the restaurant interior 02

Verwendete Folie:
NS416 – Red Old Bricks

Remaining true to the motto %22quality over quantity%22, the cosy and atmospheric ambience invites you to stay awhile. Another round of drinks or dessert is sure to be enjoyed if the ambience is right. This does not require complete renovation. There are often already a number of details in place, which will really make a mark once enhanced with a film coating. As seen in the example, the open and high wood ceiling is already a special feature of the room, however, the fireplace in the centre of the room detracts from the overall look. With the brick look of the self-adhesive film, the troublesome central pillar becomes a homely feature.

Show off your restaurant interior in a new light

Rapid renovation at the bar

Give a tired restaurant interior a modern design, without breaking the bank 01
Give a tired restaurant interior a modern design, without breaking the bank 02

Verwendete Folie:
W689 – Mahagoni Touch

But how are the films applied to the tired restaurant interior in the first place, so that everything really fits and remains perfectly in place? Your first option is to call in our competent service team to assist you on-site. Our nimble-fingered staff can cope with even the most complicated nooks and crannies, and are also happy to plan to work on closing days. Of course, you could, alternatively, do it yourself and perhaps carry out your fast-paced renovation project together with co-workers and friends. Our detailed instructional videos will provide you with all the tools you need to master the task, with a little practice. You could also pay a visit to our resimdo academy and learn this exciting craft from scratch. You can then continue to put your newly acquired skills into practice at home or in your second branch. A whole world of possibilities is open to you – just grab hold of it!

Films as disguise artists

This is a sure-fire way to propel your restaurant into the modern age.

In the 90s, these finishes were certainly very trendy: the sand-coloured wood, the silver-painted fireplace, the ochre-coloured tiles. But today, the furniture and walls in the restaurant immediately reveal that no creative interior designers have practised their art in this establishment for a long time. It’s actually a great pity, since a modern ambience is almost as important as the food and drinks served! But who has the spare time and the money to close their business for days or weeks on end, and temporarily turn it into a major construction site until the desired goal is finally achieved? Or who can afford the cost of purchasing a new bar and new furniture at the same time? So the news that you don’t even need to shut down operations, put up with noise and dirt and, on top of that, fork out a chunk of money, sounds all the more sweet: with our high-tech films, there has long been an inexpensive option that elegantly avoids these inconveniences and promises an astonishing result.



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