Innovative kitchen design

Times are changing! Older kitchens and bathrooms are an astonishing illustration of how much our sense of style changes over the years: what used to be bang on-trend now seems old-fashioned, boring, or far too garish. However, it is often just too much of a shame to simply dispose of a well-preserved interior and replace it with an expensive new purchase. So why not build on what’s already there and create a completely new style with it? When it comes to re-designing your kitchen, film is the magic word!

Advantages with the film solution

Affordable, fast, and it doesn’t turn the place into a building site.

Verwendete Folie:
ZSW04 – Pure White Painted
W931 – Beauty Of Anigre

The robust film offers the ideal kitchen design solution, with cheap hardware store film offering no comparison. What we are talking about here is a specially developed, high-performance film, equipped with robust properties: scratch resistant, low maintenance, heat-resistant and water-repellent. Thus, the film material has all that is required to withstand the strain of everyday life and use, and has proven effective in a wide range of kitchen applications. Without leaving the place like a construction site, and with no dirt or noise, we can give your kitchen a colour makeover within a short period of time, and it will be ready for use immediately after application.

Verwendete Folie:
HS204 – Shiny White Gloss

As the images show, even strong colours are completely concealed beneath a white film. In the case of the red high-gloss kitchen, the cabinets are transformed into a dream in glossy white. In contrast, the purple example shows a complete kitchen re-design. The cupboard fronts are newly dressed in white wood with a tactile surface and the grey granite of the counter top is swapped for a dark, contrasting colour with a brown wood grain.

Create accents

Less is more.

Verwendete Folie:
W823 – Dark Noce

It doesn’t have to be a full kitchen design, for sometimes, when it comes to creating a new sense of space, the devil is in the detail. Kitchen counter tops and other surfaces can be easily refreshed. The white kitchen cabinets in these pictures remain as they were before. The light brown of the counter top and splashback are the features that could do with a change. In place of the light wood, they now feature a dark brown colour. In contrast to the white cabinet fronts, the dark brown wood film stands out much more than the previous light brown. With the warm colour tone in the right place, the room will remain bright and will still be given a new ambience.

With its natural and tactile grain, the Film Dark Noce (CO-BA-W823) transforms your space This kitchen, without a complete redesign.

Stick rather than buying

Film coating your kitchen saves money.

The image galleries below show the range of application of the robust film throughout your entire kitchen. Complete renovation is the keyword here, with the kitchen fronts, counter tops, floor and window sills all completely re-covered. As seen in the before pictures, the kitchen fronts previously had a light grey wood grain finish, with a beige/cream tone on the floor and a classic granite design for the counter top. With the kitchen re-covered in film, all the colours are now harmoniously matched, in dark grey – white.

Individual work steps can be seen in the additional image galleries below. These show the individual steps of the transformation, with no sign of a construction site – on the contrary, all work is completed in one day and the room is fully available for use again. The cabinet fronts in matte white form an ideal contrast with the anthracite-coloured surfaces. The icing on the cake of the renovation is the window sill in the same contrasting tone

Verwendete Folien:
S115 – Limewashed White
Steinoptik Dunkelgrau

The individual subpages show possible ideas or your kitchen renovation. In addition to updating kitchen fronts, there are great options for kitchen tiles. Wall, floor, cabinets, work areas – there is a perfect film solution for every area. Be inspired!

Build your own kitchen

DIY: apply the film yourself.

Following their own plans, skilled DIY enthusiasts are increasingly planning and designing custom kitchen cabinets or entire kitchens. The advantages cannot be denied. A self-built kitchen is inexpensive, will fit perfectly into your living space, and can be tailored to the needs of its users. At the same time, simple building materials form the basis of the self-build branded kitchen. As a perfect surface finish, the film is a ideal way to round off your construction project. DIY film coating saves money after the kitchen is built. You can use the film to finish the surface at any time – during or after construction.

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DW801 – White Vintage Wood

If building an entire kitchen yourself is too much for you, you can at least take the design of your kitchen into your own hands. For with the high-quality kitchen film, you are your own designer. The pictures were provided to us by a store customer, and show her kitchen: successfully self-filmed, without prior experience, with the help of the instruction videos and a little patience. A very successful result and astounding comparison pictures. Thanks for the great pictures and enjoy your %22new%22 kitchen.

Discover the world of DIY films now, in our online shop.

Clever design

Fresh style for the cooking area.

A modern kitchen should be inviting – it should make you want to cook and linger! But, of course, it is a utility space that is subject to all sorts of strain, and the surfaces of which have to withstand a great deal. That’s why we offer a special high-performance film that resists heat, is proven to be scratch-resistant, and easily repels moisture. These properties make our film amazingly flexible when used in kitchen design – it even adheres to tiled floors! Give your kitchen a brand-new look, with a creative personal touch.

Jazz up your kitchen fronts - bringing new shine to your old cabinet fronts

The cupboard fronts are a kind of business card for the kitchen, and are the first thing to catch the eye: with our products, those starting out on a new kitchen makeover can benefit from a particularly striking transformation. The overly garish tones of bygone times disappear beneath a subtly coloured film. The result is the epitome of modern elegance, in matte, glossy or glittering finishes – like from a kitchen brochure. A big plus here is the opaque quality of our high-tech film, which completely covers even bright red.

Your surfaces will finally be restored to their original beauty! Redesign your counter top

New kitchen counter tops come at a price, and matching them to the property requires grit and a lot of work. However, this can also be done cleanly and inexpensively, as this high-traffic zone can actually be re-designed quite easily with our extremely durable adhesive film for kitchens! Whether you want to specifically target a worn counter top or tackle a full kitchen re-design in line with your personal taste: the colours, designs, and patterns really are too many to count! How about a new counter top with a rustic wood effect and tactile grain? Or would you prefer a surface with a stylish granite look? Depending on what your own personal dream kitchen might look like, plain adhesive film may also be a great choice when designing your kitchen.

As if newly tiled: enhance you wall tiles with film

The tile splashback above the counter top adds a finishing touch to the entire kitchen design. It can either remain discreetly in the background or provide a visual highlight – either way, it should ideally blend seamlessly into the surrounding space in terms of style. Choose the style according to the overall look you want, for example, a white foil to brighten up a dark kitchen, a glossy red lacquered surface to liven up your space, or a classy leather look to create an opulent eye-catcher.

New look floor tiles: kitchen design down to the finest detail

The kitchen floor also needs a makeover? In order for the old tiles to match the fresh new look of the furniture, all they need is a new, hard-wearing surface; there is simply no need for a costly complete renovation. We supply made to measure tile film, produced according to your specifications, so you can get right down to the essentials: sticking and designing. It is also possible to completely coat your floor, for example, in a seamless, beautiful slate look or in a sophisticated marble decor with a deceptively real texture. Finally, a rather unusual idea: emphasize the rustic character of your kitchen with a brick floor in a warm red tone! This will give your cooking area that special something – cosy warmth, like a friendly welcome greeting.

The before and after pictures in the gallery clearly show the many possibilities of film application. Get an impression for yourself and discover the possibilities!

Full cost control thanks to clear and transparent pricing. Here, we provide clear examples to give you an idea of the cost of film coating, broken down into the individual components. This will give you a rough price range in advance.



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