Advantages of the film surface

The trend for dressing up living spaces or furnishings with interior film is growing all the time. Various factors influence this development. Above all, the innovations in manufacturing favour the use of this type of film, because the well-known and conventional film found in DIY stores has evolved into a tested high-tech product. Its properties make it suitable for everyday use and offer a real alternative to buying new or classic methods of renovation.

Wrapping with film

The trend for interior film and the possible uses.

Staircase renovation with wood and white film - before
Staircase renovation with wood and white film - after

Verwendete Folien:
S115 – Limewashed White
XP114 – Dark Multi Wood

This high-performance film realistically imitates almost any material, not only visually but also haptically. Leather or metal, for example, can be made to look and feel deceptively real. This opens up new possibilities for finishing, because where can you buy cabinet parts in leather? For a staircase or wall cladding, the wood-effect is often the only solution available. The robust film adheres to any smooth surface and creates new, harmonious and modern spaces. The durable film material has robust properties and proves to be absolutely suitable for everyday use, which means that all your home improvement ideas can be achieved quickly, easily and with lasting results.

Catering trade - restaurant gets a fresh new look with film - before
Catering trade - restaurant gets a fresh new look with film - after

Films used:
LS102 – Hard White Wood
W823 – Dark Noce
APZ25 – Strong Golden Fabric

Brief overview

Key points at a glance.

Durability: decor adheres for over 10 years indoors.

Cost reduction: Save up to 75% on costs as an alternative to buying new or custom-made items.

Features: Robust, waterproof, heat resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean.

Tiles, furniture, floors, walls, doors, smooth surfaces in general.

Pollutant-free: Contains no heavy metals or harmful plasticisers.

No construction work: Renovate without dirt, noise or smell.

No restriction: Premises remain usable even during installation.

Office partition walls of a wooden desk in white, coated with self-adhesive film - before
Office partition walls of a wooden desk in white, coated with self-adhesive film - after

Film used:
S115 – Limewashed White

High-tech film

Properties that make everyday life easier.

Particular properties of this high-tech film make it particularly popular and convenient for everyday use. All the films used have a thickness of at least 250 µm, which means they have the robustness of a waterproof veneer. Depending on the selected film and texture, the thickness is available up to 700 µm. A film of 200 µm or more is recommended for surfaces subject to wear and tear, such as worktops, doors or counters. It easily withstands bumps and even scratches that happen in everyday use. The protective layer on the surface of the film does not allow water or steam to penetrate, so application in damp areas, even in bathrooms or other wet rooms, does not affect the adhesive strength. Its flame retardant and fire-resistant properties withstand temperatures up to 110°C. As an additional indicator, the fact that the film can be handled at temperatures of up to 150°C means that it can withstand even higher temperatures without catching fire. Common household consumer products or cleaners will not damage the surface of the film. Stains caused by food preparation can be removed with any commercially available cleaner. It can withstand even aggressive liquids such as coke, coffee or vinegar for up to 12 hours. As this film is used indoors, the main focus in the production process is on the substances it contains. It does not contain heavy metals or harmful plasticisers, so it can be used in living rooms and hygienic areas without hesitation. An antibacterial and antifungal layer also prevents the spread and proliferation of germs and fungi in the kitchen. As an easy-to-clean surface, even the last signs of bacteria can be removed with a disinfectant-containing agent.

Details on all properties such as fire behavior, dirt resistance or ingredients can be found in the PDF file for download.

In a nutshell:

Robust: Shockproof and scratch resistant due to thickness of 250-700µm.

Waterproof: Water or steam do not affect the adhesive strength.

Heat-resistant: Flame retardant and fire resistant up to 110°C.

Dirt resistant: No interaction with household substances.

Easy to clean: Regular cleaning with all commercially available products possible.

Pollutant-free: free from heavy metals or harmful plasticisers.

No need to turn the place into a construction site.

No invasive procedures required.

With the application of film, no construction work is necessary during renovation. This is due to the fact that the robust adhesive film covers the original surface, so there is no need to replace it. With the adhesive layer on the back of the film, this durable material adheres to any smooth surface. These include glass, wood, plastic or metal. The high-performance film is applied directly to the surface to be covered, so that it is often not necessary to dismantle the surfaces. This means that there is no noise, debris or dirt during the application process. In just a short time, the room and furnishings can be used again, without any additional waiting or drying time. All that remains are the off-cuts of film that accumulate during the application process, which are taken away by the fitters once the job is finished.

Savings potential

Save time and money.

Due to its resistant properties, the high-performance film enables a wide range of applications. It can be used in any room and transforms tiles, wooden elements, furniture, doors or walls into an exciting design. Instead of buying new products, which is often associated with the necessary conversion work, you save time, money and nerves. So, in the end, all you have to do is recoat the old surface with the film. Experience the diversity of adhesive film and be inspired by the possibilities!

Film surface

Designing with film.

Due to the large variety of different decors, you have a wide range of effects, patterns and structures to choose from. In addition to single-colour film in matt and high-gloss, our range includes interior film in a wood effect, stone grain or even abstract patterns. With special effects you set new standards of surface finishing. From classic-representative to fancy-extravagant: Our self-adhesive film knows no limits!

Would you like to redesign your interior or adapt your furniture to the latest trends? In our image gallery, you can find some examples with before and after comparison photos. Video recordings made on the job show how the work is carried out and the video tutorials will show you how to do the filming yourself at low cost.

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