Renew kitchen fronts with film

Kitchen unit fronts age only slightly over the years. Perhaps the dimensions of the kitchen fit ideally into the room and buying a new one is not worth it? Simply renew the surface of your kitchen unit fronts. Special self-adhesive film allows you to transform them quickly, cheaply and without any mess. The concept is based on robust high-performance film that can easily withstand daily use and creates a whole new look. Covering your kitchen unit fronts in film offers individual design options according to your taste!

Renew unit and cabinet fronts

Two color design – white & red.

Covering kitchen cabinets in film sounds quite simple at first and you do not associate it with quality. However, this type of film has steadily evolved over the years with an incredible result: robust properties and high-quality surfaces. Plain-coloured film, film with wood-effect, stone-effect, and textured patterns with a gloss, matte or tactile feel bring new zest to the kitchen.

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S147 – Strawberry

In the picture gallery you can see the transformation of a classic wooden kitchen front into a fashionable design, with a two-tone look. The kitchen cabinets in beech no longer fit the interior style in the house and should be replaced. The kitchen island is central to the room and is given a bold red; to match the black design of the worktop. Close-up pictures show the finish on the corners with the drawer open.

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S115 – Pure White

The beech wood of the rest of the kitchen fronts in the background also gets a new look: matte white. As a neutral colour, it creates a stylish look for the entire kitchen with the red kitchen island as an eye-catcher in the foreground. Again, the close-up pictures show how the kitchen cabinets look up close after they have been covered. Overall, you can certainly say that the kitchen renovation was very successful.

High gloss white on the front

Trend colour gloss white.

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HS204 – White Gloss

White is very much in vogue; high-gloss white in particular is coming to the fore. Timeless and classic, white fits into any room and at the same time brightens it up. Wooden floor, wall colour and other coloured elements blend in well with this neutral colour. As you can see from the pictures, the kitchen in yellow looks unruly before the application of film. By applying film in glossy white on the kitchen fronts, the room is given a uniform and bright atmosphere.

With the robust adhesive film in High Gloss White you are currently fully on trend!

Applying film to kitchen cabinets

Kitchen in stone look.

However, the range of films is not limited to single-colour adhesive films. Stone is the new white! Marble looks in gloss and matt, concrete or slate decors, some with tactile surfaces, are on the rise.

Verwendete Folie:
NS418 – Beige Slate

The transformation from a classic kitchen in white matte to marble in cream can be seen in the image gallery. Before applying the foilfilm, we dismantled the fronts of the kitchen cabinets and covered them in our film hall. Close-up photos show the finish of the rounded corners after covering with film. On the same day, all parts of the cabinets were transported back and assembled.

DIY: Renovate yourself

Do it yourself instead of letting us do the job.

In our self-adhesive film shop you can find all the used decors to apply yourself. Detailed video tutorials show how to do it and if you still have questions, we are there to help and advise you. Discover the adhesive film kitchen in all its diversity and choose the desired surface for your home in advance.

Save the money needed for an expensive new kitchen

Save yourself the cost of a new kitchen and do the design yourself. Whether matt or high-gloss, on lacquered fronts or solid oak – the films for kitchen fronts also cover unsightly scratches in the existing lacquer. Kitchen unit, fitted kitchen or cooking island: with the film you can renew all kitchen furniture quickly and inexpensively. Have you always wanted to have a country style kitchen? With our furniture film, this is no longer a problem. Just pick your favourite look and renew the look of your kitchen in no time!

Our quality films allow you to completely change the colour of your kitchen unit fronts or to add accents with decorative films. The film design is available in different colour variants and textured patterns. Get an overview of the entire range of adhesive film. This makes renovating kitchens fun! Order some sample film today or choose a specific decor in your favourite look for the new fronts as a colour sample.

Do it yourself - achieve your new kitchen style using film

The paint is off, rustic oak no longer looks the part, you want to renovate! But have you still not decided whether you prefer a matt varnish or high gloss? We will help you to find your modern kitchen! Simply order test film or concrete colour samples from us and try out the colour on the drawer front with the new style.

Instead of buying a new kitchen or replacing the kitchen fronts, you can save your cash. You no longer have to go through the long and tedious process of applying new paint on a variety of materials! Simply stick our film quickly and easily – no matter what surface! By renewing your kitchen unit fronts with film, you will accomplish this in an even more environmentally friendly way. The process sometimes referred to as ‘wrapping’ describes the activity of applying a film to a piece of furniture and provides an inexpensive surface finish. Convince yourself of the quality of our films: robust, water-repellent, easy to clean and even light scratches are no problem. Thus, the thick film for kitchen furniture meets the everyday requirements for a surface. Our films are very easy to handle and due to the %22Bubble Free Function%22 the result is always appealing.

Once applied to your kitchen unit fronts, the film adheres for many years and can be removed if necessary. In a few steps you will learn how to apply the film yourself. Especially for your first experiences with the film, videos on handling and processing are available. We are also happy to help you over the phone. After a short time, you will gain confidence in handling the material and the material itself. But beware: you’ll soon realise that once you’ve covered the kitchen fronts, you will quickly discover new areas of application.



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