examples of the cost of upgrading a kitchen with interior film

Naturally, every customer wants to know exactly what he’s getting for his money. To provide you with the most comprehensible price breakdown possible, here are some examples of items in private households and commercial environments that are commonly wrapped in interior film. The examples provide a guide to the costs involved for professional installation or when applying the film yourself.

resimdo kitchen kitchen front wood white vintage wood example image

The cost examples relating to the household are mainly concerned with living areas such as the kitchen, doors, individual pieces of furniture or walls. With the help of concrete examples, anyone interested can get an overview of the costs involved for application by us or DIY application with just the interior film.

resimdo office reception wood white example image

The examples of application in commercial settings focus on popular renovation topics that play a critical role in a company. With the help of concrete cost examples, you will learn details about the reception area, partition walls, office furnishings or the redesign of entire rooms with a high frequency of customers.

Glue and let glue

For DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Dress up your home-made furniture in style with self-adhesive film, give the latest flea market bargain a fresh design or spice up an 80s-style bathroom with bright colours and cool effects! Bring the mix of furniture you have accumulated over the years to a common visual denominator, in cool modern style or noble wood look, cover your old window sills or renew the tile backsplash of the kitchen without removing a single tile.

In our online shop, DIY enthusiasts will find all the self-adhesive films we use in our projects. Try it out for yourself: As the interior film is easy to handle, it can be used in DIY with a little skill and practice. Video tutorials and workshops round off the programme for beginners and allow you to redecorate at a fraction of the cost.

DIY project implement yourself:


View instructions.


Select decor.


Determine amount of interior film.


Order interior film and tools.

Sit back comfortably and enjoy the new look with resimdo’s installation service. Experience a quick transformation, tackle complicated shapes or turn extensive projects into reality: Our transformation team will gladly come to your home and handle the job for you. With know-how and intuition, new living worlds are created before your eyes that will inspire you!

Important info for installation:


Number of parts.


Specify desired decor.


Surface condition.


Send pictures of the object.



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