Interior modern and changeable

Quick home makeovers are very much in vogue. The trend to use interior film in the home is steadily increasing and has now reached Germany. However, there is generally a lack of awareness of the possibilities offered by such film. Most people still associate well-known film products with a printed coloured surface that serves more for decoration. This was also the case in the past, but the market and the product have now proven and established themselves as a building material. With hard-wearing features, it easily withstands the stresses and strains of everyday life and can be used to make original or creative interior design ideas a reality. Heat-resistant, easy-care, robust and waterproof properties are among the most important criteria for use in the home.

The design for living worlds

Where can the film be used?

Using a film to implement interior design ideas sounds unusual at first, but it opens up new possibilities for redesigning or renovating. The hard-wearing properties of this high-performance film make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Here is a brief overview of where you can use it to transform your home and furniture:

Furniture collection

Make modern ideas for interior design in the living room a reality with film 01
Modern ideas for interior design in the living room before 02

Verwendete Folien:
NS403 – Dark Concrete Beton
AR657 – Bright Straw Mat

Turn new >interior design ideas for the living room into reality. Furniture accumulated over the years can be coordinated using the film and create a harmonious overall appearance for any living space. From individual small parts to permanently integrated built-in cabinets, the film offers an ideal alternative to buying new furniture while reducing waste. Colourful, creative, modern or representative – the sky’s the limit!

Door leaf and frame

Coordinate the look of doors and frames with the interior design and the room in white 01
Coordinate the look of doors and frames with the interior design and the room in white 02

Verwendete Folie:
S115 – Limewashed White

When renovatingdoors, the costs quickly add up. Door leaf and frame are often available cheaply at the hardware store, but who installs them? What about metal doors or special sizes? Also in this case, film is the solution. With a width of 1.22 m, it easily covers even large doors in one piece and sticks to any smooth surface. Without the need for carpenters or makeshift methods to fill gaps, it gives doors and frames a whole new look and at the same time blends flexibly into the interior design or room concept.

Stairs and steps

Integrate stairs and steps as part of the interior design in house construction or renovation in a colourful modern way 01
Integrate stairs and steps as part of the interior design in house construction or renovation in a colourful modern way 02
Give the hallway a modern look as part of the interior design in white and wood films 01
Give the hallway a modern look as part of the interior design in white and wood films 02

For stair treads and risers, the robust high-tech film offers a simple solution. Instead of removing and reinstalling entire stair elements, the self-adhesive layer renews the surface. This brings a new design into the hallway or home and makes the interior design perfect when there are open staircases. Stair treads, shaft and handrail are given the desired look, in a single colour or in a contrasting colour. With a durable coating, there is no restriction on everyday use.

Wallpaper walls

Walls also fit into the interior design with modern and exciting ideas 01.
Walls also fit into the interior design with modern and exciting ideas 02
Walls also fit into the interior design with modern and exciting ideas 03

When it comes to wall design, it’s hard to imagine life without wallpaper – now it’s time for something new. Replacing wallpaper with this high-tech film brings several innovations. As no paste is needed, the film does not provide a breeding ground for mould or fungi, and its washable and antibacterial surface makes walls more hygienic. Small children’s hands hardly have a chance to pick off individual pieces. In addition, it creates textures and patterns that are not only visual but also tactile. Improve your indoor climate, in every way.

New tiles

Modern tips on how to easily cover tiles to match the interior design 01
Modern tips on how to easily cover tiles to match the interior design 02

Verwendete Folie:
W671 – Rustic Indoor Plank

Implementing new bathroom ideas especially is not so easy with classic methods. So far, it has not been possible to change tiles without having the hassle of a building site. Precisely cut to fit, tile stickers cover even the gaudy colours of the 70s. Without debris or special tools, the film transforms any tiled area into an oasis of well-being. The surface copes with water, steam and cleaning agents every day and does not restrict bathroom use in the slightest. Whether wall or floor tiles, this robust film fits any size.

Idea collection

This brief glimpse into the possible applications of our film does not cover everything by far, because there is still enough room for many more living ideas. Its high-performance properties and creative applications extend to any smooth surface. Tiles, glass, plastic, metal and wood are only some of the most common building materials on which the film is used. There is a host of interior design options for totally transforming your home from scratch and adapting it to your own ideas. Whether in Hamburg or Berlin, you can plan your new living environment as your own interior designer.

Can you apply film to your furniture?

Film coating advantages.

As with every topic, there are critics, fans and newbies when it comes to film application. Without going into the attitudes of individual people, one thing can basically be granted to film: It avoids the hassle of having builders in the home and labour-intensive conversion work. This argument cannot be disputed. Anyone who has already gained experience in renovating a house or a flat knows what to expect. A lot of effort, even if you don’t do the work yourself but have it done by someone else. Noise, dirt, waiting times or even unpredictable situations that make it difficult to get the work done are often the order of the day. Film, on the other hand, offers a simple alternative or additional option for quickly adapting furniture or built-in elements to the interior design, time and time again.

Basically, the film is used to design or refine a surface in a special way. It does not matter whether the project is still in the construction phase or has already been completed. The film can be applied to a surface at any time without rebuilding.

It is neither heavy nor bulky, so it can be stuck to the individual interior design modules in a mobile and flexible way. The decoration on the surface of the film is already created, so no further work is needed on site except for glueing and processing. This means that the film can be applied particularly quickly and is usually completed within a few hours. During film application, the premises are available throughout and their use is not restricted. Compared to buying and renovating from scratch, film and coating with film are an inexpensive alternative for interior design. For example, adhesive film creates simple colour combinations, stone and wood decors or exciting metallic or abstract effects.

Interior design options

Tips and ideas with application examples.

What can the film be used for anyway? Many people are not even aware of the many things that can be transformed using this robust film. It is still quite easy to imagine furniture, but when it comes to permanently integrated add-on parts in a house, such as a staircase, the imagination often comes to an end. Here are a few common, popular or interesting examples of possible interior design applications.

Staircase in the house gets a new coating in wood as part of a modern interior design 01
Staircase in the house gets a new coating in wood as part of a modern interior design 02
Revamp door, frame and wood panelling for a unified interior design 01
Revamp door, frame and wood panelling for a unified interior design 02
Interior design accents with abstract splashback on wall 01
Interior design accents with abstract splashback on wall 02
Remodel furniture and individual pieces of interior design with new ideas 01
Remodel furniture and individual pieces of interior design with new ideas 02

You can see the wide range of applications with many more examples in our picture gallery. With the before-and-after comparison and individual work steps during the bonding process, you’ll get more inspiration for your interior design.

Trend in DIY film application

Renovate and modernise.

As a worthwhile leisure activity, the use of self-adhesive film for interior design is becoming increasingly popular among DIY fans and do-it-yourselfers. In keeping with the motto %22Do-it-Yourself%22, they quickly learn the techniques and application possibilities with the help of the video tutorials. After learning how to start, you can tackle small and large projects on your own. Anyone who wants to learn the craft of film application will also find self-adhesive film on sale in our shop. If you do not yet have any experience with this film material, don’t worry: With clear videos, we show how it works and which tools you need for perfect results. Alternatively, you can sign up for a DIY workshop.

Clever ideas for the home

Living more beautifully has never been so easy.

When it comes to culinary delights, the old saying holds true: %22You eat with your eyes first%22. Attractively arranged dishes taste much better because the appearance influences the other senses at the same time, with a decisive effect on our inner well-being. This does not apply only to outspoken gourmets, however, but also to friends of beautiful living: harmonious surfaces in beautiful colour schemes send a signal to our soul. Here you can really feel at home! If you want to live more beautifully in an interior design that is already aged, you don’t have to clear everything out and give it a complete makeover – it’s much easier with a covering of high-quality film.

The perfect transformation for the living room

The living room is where daily life takes place, where residents and guests should really feel at home. However, the old mixed-style furniture has probably seen better days, it looks worn and is no longer trendy. Give your ageing pieces a whole new uniform look with interior design ideas just the way you like them!

For example, customise the surfaces with a wood-effect self-adhesive film that has a palpable grain. Decorate individual elements in leather or stone look and set bold accents in contrasting colours. Maybe you also have the time and inclination to build a customised wall unit out of simple plywood and cover it in style with the film.

Are you curious whether your ideas can become reality? Simply ask us for a non-binding quote.

Freshen up the children's room: Interior design for the little ones

Children love a colourful environment, it inspires their creativity and stimulates the urge to explore. But not every children’s room is equipped with expensive brand-name furniture, styled to the last detail – that does not have to be!

Just spice up some rustic flea market furniture with film and keep to a uniform colour scheme to create visual harmony. Combine a warm wood decor with upbeat glittery accents or arrange the three primary colours into a cheerful pattern: you’re sure to come up with many more ideas for interior design while browsing through our range of self-adhesive films. Scratch and tear resistant, they can withstand even turbulent children playing. With a high requirement for the quality of the films, they are absolutely safe for children from the point of view of health.

Spruce up the kitchen: How to make cooking fun again

The kitchen has become a feel-good zone of modern living spaces; it has long since ceased to serve purely practical purposes. With our kitchen ideas your fitted kitchen gets a whole new look.

Even the kitchen floor and wall tiles can be included in your new interior design project if you wish. In this way, you can transform a not-so-new but fully functional gem of a kitchen into an up-to-date trendy one, without any construction noise or dirt. Rediscover kitchen design and take the ideas into your own hands or have them professionally implemented.

For full transparency of prices, we have published some examples of the composition of costs.

How to dress up surfaces that are subject to heavy wear and tear

It gets really wet in the bathroom, but our tile stickers can cope with that easily! Even hot water in the shower area is no problem, you can remodel your entire bathroom or target individual areas in the chic new style. Also include the door in your redesign, so in the end everything fits together really well. There are no limits to your bathroom ideas: Tiles, furniture and fixtures are an ideal base for glueing.

Stairs after many years show numerous signs of wear, which completely disappear under our film. Extensive refurbishment is not necessary at all in the case of visual defects. Even the treads get a modern, new design in the long run with our durable film. A report on staircase renovation shows extensive images of the transformation of an old wooden staircase in a house entrance.

An eye for detail: interior design with high standards

Perfect interior also means not losing sight of the details: Only in this way will you achieve a truly harmonious result. For example, coat your window wills in a film to match the decor of the doors or window frames. Complete your kitchen design with the coffee machine or flower pots in the same tone as the unit fronts. Let your imagination go wild today!

Get inspired by the world of interior film with the before and after comparison photos of different projects in our image gallery.



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