Renovate windows, for a new splash of light

There’s no denying it: your windows and window sills are due a little care and attention, preferably yesterday. Renovating windows is the order of the day! This is exactly why you found your way here. And if this is the case, and your windows are in need of a fresh new look, you’re on just the right track. You think tearing out entire building components and turning the house into a noisy and dusty construction site seems rather excessive. We think so too!

Window renovation with film in a shopping centre, from white to grey - after
Shopping centre window frame in white - before

Verwendete Folie:
S149 – Rough Dark Grey

This is why we offer a window renovation method without any unpleasant side effects. New colour, chic design or simply the freshening up of old styles, all without sandpaper, varnish or brushes. How about a coating that artfully hides the original design and visually creates something completely new?

Renovating metal, plastic or wooden windows

A cinch for deft hands.

As a simple way to renovate windows, a durable high-performance film offers a revolutionary innovation. It adheres to any smooth surface, completely covers the underlying paint, and gives your frames a brand-new look. Window frames made of metal, plastic or wood are transformed in the desired design. The whole process takes place without turning the place into a building site, and with no noise, dirt or need for a new purchase. If you want to change the glass surface of your windows, window films are available as a counterpart to the films for window frames. For example, they can provide optimal privacy and sun protection, or can serve as window decoration.

Aluminium windows, from blue to white

With the medical centre, the problem was the other way around. With cold aluminium windows in blue, the appearance was not particularly appealing. With the film, the metal windows undergo a similar metamorphosis. Here, white was desired as the colour in the interior, hoping to come across as bright and friendly. The blue-grey windows remained in place, with only the surface of the frame and sash receiving a new look. The window renovation took place overnight, so to speak, and during ongoing operations.

Aluminium window renovation from blue to white, with S176 film - after
Blue aluminium window frames in the medical centre - before

Verwendete Folie:
S176 – White Beige

Renovating white plastic windows

The fancy new café was supposed to look modern and enticing from the outside, but with those boring white plastic windows, the window frames looked rather dull. Without further ado, the owner ordered a high-tech film to renovate his plastic windows. The special outdoor film, in elegant anthracite, adheres easily to the plastic.

Window and frame renovation shown from the outside, covered with anthracite film
White plastic windows shown from outside, before the window renovation

Verwendete Folie:
EXF03 – Outdoor Anthracite

The very next day, the frames looked as if they had been replaced, and the appearance of the facade had undergone a marked transformation. The owner immediately had to snap a few photos and proudly send them to friends and acquaintances. He had never experienced such a transformation! And you can actually achieve a metamorphosis like this yourself, with just the deft hands of a motivated DIY enthusiast.

Window sill from stone to wood

Little effort, low cost.

Significant changes are usually expensive and complex, but with the self-adhesive film from resimdo, it’s a completely different story. It not only brings new colour into play, but also plastic textures and authentic material designs. Resourceful DIY enthusiasts can transform stone window sills with new colours. They fit much better with the furnished interior. With an adhesive film in white, the grey stone window sill is transformed and visually brightens the room.

Window sill renovation from grey to white, with an S115 film coating - after
Window sill before film-coating in a grey stone effect - before

Verwendete Folie:
S115 – Limewashed White

Wood film with a 3D effect perfectly mimics oak, beech, maple and many other types of wood, as such that it is difficult to distinguish the original from the reproduction, even to the touch. To match the window frame, the new window sill coating gives the room added warmth and cosiness.

Windows and window sill renovation in a wood effect with W671 film - after
Window sill in a grey stone effect, before the window renovation - before

Verwendete Folie:
W671 – Rustic Indoor Plank

Don’t be afraid to put a vase on the windowsill after the makeover! Neither moisture nor everyday influences will affect the premium coating. The film adheres securely to the surface for many years, offering an aesthetically pleasing look that requires no special consideration.

A barrier against the heat of the sun

Applying film to window panes

When it comes to window renovation, the window pane itself is not to be overlooked, at least not if you’re regularly bothered by glaring sunlight and summer heat. For the resimdo product range also includes transparent functional films. Specially designed for the window panes, they protect your interiors from the effects of excessive sunlight. This is where the term %22all-round restoration%22 takes on new meaning, as in this case, it’s just a small step from the frame to the sash and sill, and finally to the pane.

Conclusion regarding window renovation

From the sash to the pane.

Renovating wooden windows, restoring old box-type windows, coating aluminium frames, transforming plastic windows – with the new method this no longer means opening up a can of worms. So adopt a relaxed approach to the job, choose the appropriate film coating at your leisure, and get to grips with our practical DIY instructions. If you don’t fancy taking on the window renovation yourself, you can get real professional help from resimdo. This way everyone is sure to achieve their desired outcome.



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