Leather adhesive film

From real animal products to leather-effect adhesive film: from the Stone Age to present day, leather has been an integral part of everyday life. The shoes of the glacier mummy, Ötzi, were made from the robust material, and have remained preserved for thousands of years. Supple, durable and tough properties make leather one of the most important raw materials. Egypt, Rome, and Carthage are just a few examples of ancient times in which tanned animal skin played a major role. In the modern age, the raw material is used mainly in the field of textiles. Clothes, saddles or car seats are covered in the hide, demonstrating just a fraction of the material’s countless applications.

White snakeskin leather-effect adhesive film for home design ideas: CO-PR-ARZ13 Shiny White Python
Leather-effect adhesive film in beige crocodile leather, for creative living ideas in your home: CO-PR-AR908 Shiny Crocodile Beige
Self-adhesive leather-effect film in beige snakeskin for interior design use: CO-PR-ARZ08 Beige Reptile
Self-adhesive leather-effect film in brown snakeskin for modern home design ideas: CO-PR-ARZ06 Shiny Reptile Brown
Leather adhesive film in dark brown crocodile leather, self-adhesive for interior use: CO-PR-AR582 Big Brown Reptile

From leather to leather-effect adhesive film

The journey from genuine to imitation leather.

Genuine leather is obtained primarily as a by-product of the food industry or separate livestock breeding intended specifically for fur and leather production. Therefore, the skins of cattle, sheep, pigs or goats are widely used, whereas leather from exotic animals such as crocodile, snakes, kangaroos or fish are more rare.

However, it is precisely these rare species that feature a special pattern on their skin, thus making the leather particularly exclusive. Buying pieces in genuine leather is no longer considered politically correct, with high-quality imitations increasingly replacing the natural product. With no need to forego the various stitching patterns or properties, imitation leather means you can still achieve the desired effect – without holding back and with a clear conscience. Self-adhesive film with a leather-effect surface opens up new areas of application, for who ever heard of a piece of furniture covered in leather? With the adhesive layer on the back, you can create unusual designs in faux crocodile or snakeskin effect. The artificially produced substitute means that you no longer need to hold back on account of the fact that the use of real animal skin is frowned upon.

Genuine leather - seams and patterns

A leather-effect film looks just like the natural product, realistically reproducing the seam patterns and colour. Just as the genuine crocodile leather features a large scaled pattern, the leather-effect adhesive film recreates the pattern in the same way. Just like dyed leather, the film comes in different colours and ultra modern interpretations. In the gold metallic sheen version, the snakeskin really stands out, or you can choose a version in white to blend in with the rest of your interior.

Imitation snakeskin leather-effect adhesive film: CO-PR-ARZ13 Shiny White Python

Abstract leather - Add a modern touch

The abstract leather-effect adhesive films include designs with unusual surface finishes. These include variants with a distinct napped finish, which at the same time produce a highly tactile result. The abstract films recreate the napped feel and, with their three-dimensional look, offer an exclusive alternative to classic colours or conventional patterns.

Leather adhesive film with abstract pattern: CO-PR-AR657 Bright Straw Mat

Patchwork - patchwork rug effect, in leather

A familiar feature in rugs, patchwork is still very much in vogue. It adds a modern touch to your decor – not in the form of pieced-together off-cuts, but rather a uniform colour scheme. With bold splashes of colour or a monochrome finish, the adhesive film essentially retains its leather look. In place of fabric, the tactile appeal of leather is again the main point of focus here.

A patchwork rug effect in a leather-effect adhesive film: CO-PR-AR903 White Leather Weave

Properties of the leather adhesive film

What can the leather surface withstand?

Just like the real thing, the leather-effect adhesive film is breathable, easy to clean and waterproof. Cleaning and everyday use have no effect on the leather film. On the contrary, an ability to withstand such use is among the basic requirements for our films. Being made for indoor and domestic use, of course, brings with it a number of health concerns. To ensure consistent quality, we have the material produced by the same manufacturer. With the company’s long-term experience in chemical composition, surface design and bonding behaviour, there is an ideal synergy at work within the Hanwha (now Hyundai) plants. In case of production changes, there may be temporary changes in availability, for only once the new products have fulfilled all quality and laboratory requirements will we resume the official sale of the respective styles.



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