Covering bathroom tiles with film

New tile colour or bathroom renovation? – No thanks, I’d rather save myself the effort. It is also unnecessary! With custom-fit tile cut-outs, you’ll not only achieve a different colour, but discover entirely new possibilities, all without remodelling. Tactile textures, modern finishes and trendy colours are all included in the range of robust and durable self-adhesive film for bathrooms. The size of the tile does not matter, because it can be adjusted to any size, and to the millimetre. On top of that, the tile stickers can be removed after years without leaving any traces. The ideal solution for property and rental property to bypass costly construction work and turn new ideas into reality. Get started with your bathroom renovation now,

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W556 – Silver Castagno Cadduci

Get down to business: choose the decor of your choice, order ready-made tile cut-outs, stick them on your existing bathroom tiles and your new bathroom is ready. Also for tiles, you can naturally choose between professional installation and the do-it-yourself method. However, covering tiles with tile stickers is one of the most popular DIY projects! We explain you step by step how it works. The online customer covered the tiles in the guest bathroom pictured above on his own, following the video tutorial, and that wasn’t the last tile project in his house. Be brave and test with a sample tile sticker.

Wood-effect tiles

Cover old tiles with film.

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W671 – Ventum

Wood look on tiles is the absolute trend, whether on the flooring, on the wall or in the shower. It doesn’t matter if you want to highlight individual tiles or have a completely tiled wall covered with wood-effect self-adhesive film. Here, it’s all about achieving a completely new design. Real tiles made of wood simply do not exist, because in the long term they are not up to the requirements of the bathroom. The surface of the tile stickers, on the other hand, is specially coated so that water, steam and heat have no effect on durability.

Bathroom renovation created using a modern tile look

Racing stripes in the bathroom.

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APZ25 – Strong Golden Fabric

Transform your bathroom into a fresh oasis with racing stripes as a modern version of the border. Instead of being on one level all around the bathroom tiles, the racing stripes add targeted accents from top to bottom. The design can be chosen completely freely: Evenly spaced, two different widths with offset or even different colours combined together. The 25+ year old bathroom in the pictures shows a golden glow after applying the tile stickers. The new slate-look floor provides a successful contrast to the gold effect. In order not to get too much dominance from the gold, the tile stickers are applied to the wall at well-considered intervals.

Due to the easy application, you can easily apply the tile stickers yourself: Go to the online shop, select the film, enter the dimensions and get ready-made cuts for each size! You are now perfectly prepared for your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation made easy - applying film over floor tiles

Not only wall & bath.

With our high-performance film, you can conjure up a new design not only on the wall in the bathroom, because its durable properties make it very suitable for numerous applications. The cut-outs adhere perfectly to the floor tiles and are resistant, dispelling any concerns that automatically creep into one’s mind. The rustic vintage look stickers are applied directly to the floor in the entrance area, where they are put through their paces every day: Shoes, dirt, hoover, mop.

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LM202 – Classic White Wood

Not just a few months, but as one of the first floor tests, the adhesive has already adhered here for several years – permanently. A few stickers should serve as a substitute in case a mishap does occur and one or the other floor tile needs a new coating. However: until today, the spare parts are still lying in the cellar waiting to be used.

Let your imagination run wild and plan how to use your high-tech tile stickers in any place and in any room. In our resimdo shop we have film not only for your bathroom, but also for the kitchen, countertop, tiles and all other renovations such as shower, wash basin, chests of drawers or other items and furniture in the house and garden.

Custom fit stickers

Size does not matter.

There is no standard size for tile cut-outs, the film can be cut to any size. Before applying the tile stickers, we cut the adhesive tiles to the millimetre using a cutting machine, so that there is no additional waiting time for measuring or cutting when applying on site. This allows you to achieve the new bathroom design in no time. Degreasing and sticking are the steps involved and allow the new bathroom to be achieved in no time, without construction work, dirt or noise. Immediately afterwards, the room is again available for free use.

Modern tiles in your bathroom

Use tile stickers instead of painting or laying new tiles.

Unlike traditional renovation methods such as tile varnish or laying tiles over tiles, you save time and nerves. No additional cleaning work is required after applying our tile stickers; drying times are completely eliminated and the tile stickers are uniformly coloured. Moreover, as a reversible process, the stickers can be removed without leaving any residue even after a few years. This means that the original state can be restored at any time.

Applying tile stickers as a reversible process

Can be removed again if required.

If the tile sticker is no longer desired, the professional can remove the tile adhesive without leaving any residue. Of course, you can also remove the film yourself. To do this, loosen one corner with your finger and pull off the film. As a little tip, using a hair dryer to heat the surface before peeling reduces adhesive residue. Film that is too cold can tear and leave jerky glue joints, and too much heat makes the glue very soft. The right heat using a heat gun makes the work easier and you can save the cleaning. At the beginning of this video you can see how easy it is.

Covering bathroom tiles with film

DIY: Tile yourself.

This transformation is perfect! This morning the bathroom looked quite different, just the way they liked it in the 80s. Now, in the evening, it has appealing wood-look surfaces with splashes of colour here and there. And even better: The modern oasis of well-being was created without any dust, noise and dirt – in other words, the ultimate in bathroom renovation.

Renovate your bathroom effectively & smartly: Stick over old tiles

To visually transform a bathroom in just a few hours, you don’t need a hammer, chisel and tile adhesive, or even a primer, paint and tape. These tools will get you there, too, but there’s a much more cost-effective, no-nonsense way for smart DIYers and DIY hobbyists: simply use tile stickers! High-quality tile stickers not only significantly enhance the overall look, but also change the surface texture to exactly match the imitated material. Our waterproof films hold even in the shower booth and on real stone tiles, quite reliably for many years. Thus, they are just what you need to renovate your bathroom.

A beautiful bathroom in no time

If you browse through our range of adhesive films, your imagination will start to roam in an instant: Just look at all the things you can do with this multitude of colours, patterns and textures – and all without professional help or tedious painting work! Important to know: We supply only high-quality tile sticker material, with robust surfaces, dirt-repellent, free of harmful substances, and antibacterial. These surfaces will accompany and inspire you over a long period of time – and with that we have achieved our goal. This way, your old tiles become real visual highlights in a quick bathroom makover:

For perfect adhesion: prepare the substrate

A clean and load-bearing substrate is the basic prerequisite for high adhesive strength. So before you cover your tile, thoroughly clean the surface to remove grease and other dirtM our special surface cleaner will make this job easier for you. You may also want to redo the old silicone joints, in which case you will also remove the material from the joints to replace it freshly following the visual makeover.

Bathroom tiles covered with custom fit tile stickers

Cutter knife and scissors remain in the cabinet, after all, you ordered your film tile stickers cut to size perfectly! Many tiles have certain DIN dimensions, but this can not be said about all wall and floor tiles. That is why we deliver our tile foil in individual sizes, a service that makes your work easier and quicker.

Peel off the film and stick back on

Now peel off the first tile sticker from the backing paper, place the top edge on the first tile edge, stick it down and then just let the sticker fall into place. Smooth it firmly with a squeegee, preferably from top to bottom or from the centre outwards. The bubble-free material hardly allows any air pockets to form, so if they do occur, simply smooth them out towards the edge.

It is always possible to correct this later

Have you applied your film in a crooked way? No problem: just pull it off again and try once more. The high-quality material is made to withstand this easily. Particularly practical: Even after many years, the stickers can be removed again without leaving any residue, for example, if you move out of the rental flat or simply want to change the design.

Trim edges cleanly

A sharp cutter knife cuts the tile sticker already in place along the edges and ensures a clean cut. Cut along the edges of the silicone joints and not directly into the silicone to maintain the watertight joints.

Professional: Heat the edges with a hairdryer

Now press all the edges once again with your finger and then get out the hair dryer. Applying warm but not too hot air increases the adhesive strength and secures the sensitive edge area in the long term. It lasts a long time and looks really good!



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