Home ideas: Interior & exterior furnishings

Home design ideas are generally associated with a turnaround, a transformation or change. In short: you have to introduce something new! You don’t have to have a precise idea in mind, you just have to be on the lookout for one. It’s not about your furnishings being old or broken. It’s more that a certain joy is missing when you come home, everything is just too familiar: your wooden furniture has been with you for years, the kitchen hasn’t changed since you moved in, and the same goes for the floor and walls. Simply changing the decorative fixtures no longer makes a difference. The only question is how, what, or where to take action, without great cost or effort?

Implementing home design ideas

Decoration, inspiration, creativity.

resimdo bathroom tile film - before example
resimdo bathroom tile film, black & white - after example

Verwendete Folien:
DWP33 – Dark Pearl Wood
AR660 – Silver Weave Squares

Using self-adhesive film for creative home ideas sounds strange at first, but offers the ideal solution when creating new home design trends. In recent years in particular, there have been incredible innovations in the adhesive film industry, and the latest films cannot be compared with cheap DIY store film. Technological advances and innovation in manufacturing make it possible to realistically recreate almost any surface, while also incorporating haptic properties. There are no limits when it comes to designing, planning and implementing new creative living ideas. With us, you can implement all your ideas for beautiful living, for both your interior and exterior design – quickly and affordably.

Applying film to a piano

Ideas with self-adhesive film.

The piano – classic, beautiful and associated with wonderful memories. Disposing of them is out of the question, but they are not in keeping with a modern décor either. Most often made of wood, they simply no longer fit in with the rest of your interior. Over the years, signs of wear and tear appear on the wooden surface and one begins to wonder whether the time has come to say goodbye. This does not have to be the case, as the adhesive film can also wrap your piano in a new design. Give your piano a facelift, and simply have it film-coated.

resimdo wood-effect piano film - example
resimdo black piano film - example

Verwendete Folie:
S140 – Rough Dark Black

Below you can see a few home ideas, revealing how your piano can also be made to blend with a modern interior. Classic colours such as white or black, with or without a surface texture, serve as an example of discreet film-coating. However, we also implement unusual ideas featuring special designs. What reactions would you expect from a marble piano? Give it a try. There are no limits when it comes to your creative interior design ideas!

resimdo living room piano film - example
resimdo living room piano film in white - example

Verwendete Folie:
S115 – Limewashed White

DIY: ideas

Buy film & apply it yourself.

With the wide range of application of self-adhesive film, you can make a many new DIY ideas reality. The film sticks to any smooth surface without any problem, thus redesigning your entire interior. It’s often the details that make the difference. With this in mind, the pictures below show a few small changes with a big effect. The coffee machine receives a trendy new pink dress. In the living room, the speakers in gloss white match the overall interior style.

resimdo rear wall film in concrete grey - example

Verwendete Folie:
DW802 – Grey Vintage Wood

Try out your film-coating skills for yourself! Smooth surfaces without recesses or curves are particularly suitable if you are looking to gain initial experience in film-coating. You can purchase the film we use in our online store, to give film-coating a try yourself. Of course, in addition to our tried and tested self-adhesive film, there are also the necessary tools and detailed application tutorials in video format. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!


Self-adhesive film for indoor use.

Regardless of which ideas you want to implement, with our sturdy self-adhesive film you can re-design your entire interior. A consistent design in the living room, a passionate atmosphere in bedroom, or a new trend for the kitchen. And we are not limited to the interior. Our specially manufactured self-adhesive film can withstand external temperature and weather conditions. Beautiful living is not just for indoors. Balconies, gardens and external facades are not overlooked when it comes to a re-design.

Get inspired by more interior design ideas with adhesive film for furniture. Use kitchen film to plan a new colour for your cooking area. With waterproof and heat-resistant properties, you can implement new bathroom ideas on your tiles or fixtures.

Refreshing ideas

Home ideas with adhesive film.

What does the word %22living%22 mean to you? No doubt a piece of home, peace and comfort; a pleasantly designed retreat that reflects your own personal preferences. Living is much more than sleeping and eating somewhere, it means feeling at home in a particular space! Expressing your personal design creativity is an important prerequisite to creating a living space that is truly worth living in, along with the implementation of fresh and exciting ideas. There is certainly a lot that can be achieved with traditional renovation methods, but, every now and then, new inspirations are required: home design ideas with power and esprit, which are easy to implement, but with a lasting effect. Adhesive films offer a fascinating solution in this sense, as they can be used extremely flexibly and fundamentally alter the visual effect of surfaces. This happens within a short period time, without any dirt or noise.

Realize different styles

If you look around a bit, you will discover a range of interior design styles all around you, from the on-trend Shabby Chic to purist 50s design or cosy furnishings in a colonial style. What if you could just pick one of these styles, without having to change your furniture or painstakingly replace bathroom and kitchen tiles? This is made possible with our home ideas, which include durable and decorative films in a wide range of styles. An example would be the Asian style with its uniform surfaces and strong colour accents. Matte black and white adhesive film would form the basis of this room design, with isolated deep red areas adding the wow effect! Adhesive films in a deceptively real, light wood effect can be wonderfully combined with this. This home design idea can be further refined with matching accessories: a Japanese fan on the wall and a room divider with an Asian pattern round off the scheme.

Unsure about the cost? Here are some examples to provide a clear illustration of the costs:

Living ideas for North Sea fans and South Sea dreamers

You love the sea? Bring it inside your four walls! No, not the salty water and the beach, but the colours and smells of your dream location. If you like the North Sea, you will appreciate white and blue surfaces, plus one or two wooden surfaces in a rustic ship style. This design scheme can also be realised with adhesive film for furniture, walls and floors, without having to make new purchases or carry out extensive renovation work. Shells, pictures of ships and a lighthouse ornament serve as decorative features – a sea breeze room fragrance makes the sensory illusion almost perfect! In the South Seas, we encounter the bold colours of exotic flowers and rustic colonial furnishings. Within this design scheme, adhesive films in an authentic dark wood design or a leather effect transform old furniture into luxurious show-pieces. Added to this are red, yellow, blue and green accents, all used sparingly. Combine it all with natural materials such as sisal rugs and linen blankets, and you’ll soon be lost in your own private South Seas dream.

Create flamboyant designs with little effort

Of course, there are many other wonderful home ideas based on the most popular current styles. With adhesive film, you can create a Mediterranean paradise, a tranquil country house ambience, or a light and airy Scandinavian home, all using your existing furniture. With warm dark red and lavish metallic effects, you’ll add a touch of the Orient to your home, while expressive colours accentuate a bold pop-art style. So you see: regardless of which interior design ideas excite you the most, they can all be realised with relatively little effort, and within a limited budget. The best thing about it is, without doubt, the fact that all surfaces offer a chance to express your love of design – even the walls can be coated with our adhesive film!

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