Manufacturer ZDRAX

The original idea and use of this film originated from the field of bionics (biology and technology). The basic idea is to use the golf ball-like pattern to reduce the flow resistance of a wide variety of objects. Accordingly, the film is already used in various technical fields.

In addition to the technical aspect, the special surface design with a tactile golf ball pattern has also become established for other applications over the years. We also use the film as a special design film for covering furniture, counters and walls, among other things.


Performance in the golf ball look.

ZDRAX Golf Ball Film Application Example on Object Drawer in Black
Detail image of waterproof surface structure from golf ball pattern of ZDRAX development.
ZDRAX performance film in the golf ball look
Application example ZDRAX golf ball texture film on the object drawer in white.

The golf ball film is a 300 micron thick, self-adhesive, calendered soft PVC film. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Unlike our common film coatings, the golf ball film is available in a width of 152 cm. The adhesive has an air channel structure, which means that application is problem-free and bubble-free. For a perfect application we recommend using our additional tool kit.

Due to the thickness and surface structure, this film can only be shaped in 3D to a limited extent. When applying in complex places, incisions should be made in the material.

You can get the golf ball film on order in the colours white and black exclusively at resimdo.

Areas of application

Practical examples of ZDRAX golf ball.

As the film is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it offers a wide range of possible applications. In our picture gallery you can find some examples. In addition to reception counters and walls, vehicles, model aeroplanes and drones have also been covered with it. For a lasting result, always ensure that the surface to be covered is smooth and free of grease and dust.

The surface can be easily cleaned with a standard glass cleaner. For stubborn dirt, you can alternatively use our special cleaner.

For more information about ZDRAX and the technical data, download the PDF file.



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