Kitchen tile ideas

Self-adhesive film can be used not only to create a new design on kitchen units or cupboards but also to add new colours to your kitchen wall tiles. We can fit a new design to fit any size of tile with precision, and without the need for a building site or any conversion work. We produce adhesive tiles to the millimetre that reach all the way to the edge of the joint. When perfectly applied, your kitchen tile will have a completely new surface. The self-adhesive tile is in no way inferior to a real stone tile in terms of care or use. On the contrary: it will impress you with its easy-care, water-repellent and heat-resistant properties.

Kitchen floor

Film on tiled floor.

Kitchen tiles are usually not only found on the wall but are often used on the floor as well because small mishaps often occur in the kitchen. A tiled floor is easier to keep clean than a carpet or laminate when it comes to drips or stains. But what are the options if the tiled floor has cracks and quirks or you simply don’t like it any more? That’s where our robust self-adhesive film comes in handy!

resimdo film kitchen floor tiles white wood after example
resimdo foil kitchen floor tiles white before example

Verwendete Folie:
LM202 – Classic White Wood

Instead of knocking out the old floor tiles and not being able to use the kitchen, the high-tech film transforms the kitchen tiles without any need for a building site. Cut to size to the millimetre, the stickers can be glued to each tile individually. In no time at all, the tiles get a new surface, preserving the easy-care properties on the kitchen floor. As shown in the picture example, the dark kitchen tiles are given a modern wood look in white in the twinkling of an eye.

Everyday cooking is not restricted during and after the film application, because there is no waiting time or construction debris. Afterwards, you can also clean the covered tiles as usual with all commercially available cleaners and the film also forgives normal everyday mishaps without any problems.

resimdo film kitchen tiles beige wood example
resimdo film kitchen tiles beige wood example before

Verwendete Folie:
DW802 – Grey Vintage Wood

In the next picture example, we also show how to use the ready-cut film on the kitchen floor tiles. In this case, the white floor tiles are transformed into a modern look of vintage wood. Due to the robust properties of the film, it can be used on the floor without any problems: vacuuming, mopping, walking – no problem. Small damages in the surface are simply covered by the thick film. Turn your ideas of new kitchen tiles into reality easily, quickly and without a building site.

New tile look in the kitchen

Kitchen tiles on the wall.

The examples below illustrate how the film can be used on kitchen tiles. Tiled walls can be used to cover the entire wall, to set accents, to draw a border or to create a new back-splash. With the high-tech film, you can achieve everything without restricting everyday use.

resimdo film kitchen countertop grey before example
resimdo film kitchen countertop grey tiles example

Verwendete Folie:
NS403 – Dark Concrete Beton

Especially popular at the moment is the concrete look. As a fine border, the tile cut-outs provide a colour contrast to the white kitchen and perfectly match the dark floor. When completed as a harmonious overall picture, you can bring a new atmosphere into the room even with minimal change. Don’t be fooled: It doesn’t always have to be the expert. These accents were created by the customer himself without any experience in film application.

resimdo film kitchen kitchen tiles cut to size example
resimdo film kitchen kitchen tiles cut to size example photo
resimdo film kitchen kitchen tiles cut to size example metal

As you can see in the image gallery, silver tile cut-outs with a black pattern decorate part of the white kitchen tiles behind the hob. Detailed photos show that the transition between tile and joint is smooth. This makes the colour underneath undetectable and completely covers the white stone tile. Even the slight curvature to the joint edge can be perfectly finished with the film. The new surface can easily withstand hot grease splashes, which can be removed with standard household cleaners.

DIY: Tile stickers

Stick over tiles

Would you like to create a new design on the kitchen tiles yourself? No problem! In our film shop you can purchase the robust tile film for the kitchen already cut to size. To do this, measure your wall tiles in the kitchen exactly, choose a suitable tile film and fill in the tile blank. The configurator immediately calculates the price of the tile stickers, so that you can quickly and easily compare prices or order directly. In the film shop, you will also find detailed video tutorials on various topics.



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