A breath of fresh air for hotel furnishings

Well-run hotels attach great importance to offering guests beautiful interior design with a modern ambience. However, traditional hotel interior renovations limit operations since the remodelling and redesign of rooms or usage areas often entail dirt and noise. However, innovative methods are available that check every box. With a film coating, the hotel management, as eager hosts, can check every box: a new design, without the accompanying disruption. See for yourself!

From selection, to decision, to implementation: see how the renovation idea evolves, from the definition of the important criteria to implementation. In our interview with Mr. Maiser, Managing Director of Novina GmbH, and Mr. Bräunlein, master carpenter at the bräunline joinery, you will learn about the motivations behind the use of resimdo film as a coating for hotel furnishings.

Skilfully spruce up hotel furnishings

Re-cover old furnishings.

With today’s booking apps, it only takes a few clicks for the guest to see the photos, which are often the main criteria for a decision. And this hotel interior certainly looks very inviting, bright and modern! Guests then read through some more info about the service, and then it’s on to the booking. Once this is complete, the anticipation of a relaxing time in the reserved accommodation begins. The guest has literally no idea that just a few days ago, his/her reserved room was still bumbling along in its 90s look, completely out of fashion.

Complete hotel interior room renovation in the Novina Hotel Südwestpark Nuremberg using W945 film - before
Complete hotel interior room renovation in the Novina Hotel Südwestpark Nuremberg using W945 film - after

And neither does he/she know how quickly and inexpensively the entire hotel interior was renovated. And this took place with the hotel still in operation, with guests in residence, as customers do not notice the remodelling work as there is no dirt, loud noises or unpleasant odours. Even once in the room, there in person, he/she will enjoy the space and will feel completely at ease in this stylish, friendly environment and will enthusiastically tell others all about it. What is the secret behind this convincing transformation?

New hotel furnishings, without buying new pieces

We don’t have to dig particularly deep to get to the bottom of this matter. The hotel furnishings are covered with an extremely robust layer of high-performance film, lending them a completely new appearance. Don’t confuse this with some cheap material from the hardware store, for what we have here is of a completely different quality!

Hotel interior, Novina Hotel Südwestpark Nuremberg, hotel room bed - before
Hotel interior, Novina Hotel Südwestpark Nuremberg, hotel room bed - after

More than 200 rooms in the Novina Hotel Südwestpark in Nuremberg will receive a brand-new hotel interior with the film coating in a harmonious wood effect design. The hotel will make the change from a dark wood look to a lighter wood tone with an attractive grain and tactile texture. The high-tech coating has it all. It can be applied to the hotel furnishings in the room without leaving any bubbles, can withstand an unbelievable amount, is resistant to almost anything that everyday use can throw at it, and is extremely easy to clean. What’s more, many styles feature three-dimensional embossing to perfectly mimic wood and stone textures throughout your entire hotel interior. This is perfectly in keeping with the needs of a hotel: a modern look, a hard-wearing surface, a quick transformation and innovative sustainability for all furniture and smooth surfaces within the property.

Hotel interior, Novina Hotel Südwestpark Nuremberg, hotel room table/shelf - before
Hotel interior, Novina Hotel Südwestpark Nuremberg, hotel room table/shelf - after

It was not without reason that the Hyundai group acquired the interior film from developer Hanwha in 2018. Since the 80s, the developers have been delivering the highest quality, pursuing continuous development with high standards with regard to the material, its use and sustainability.

Cost-effective renovation of hotel interiors

Film coating as an efficient alternative.

The film coating quickly and inexpensively transforms any smooth surface into a new, exciting or prestigious design – depending on your desired effect. Thus, using sustainable methods, it reproduces almost any desired design, throughout the entire hotel interior. As a modern alternative, our robust high-performance film offers several direct advantages over conventional renovation methods.


Renovate without turning the place into a building site, and with no odour or noise.


Coating does away with new purchases and disposal.


Wide range of styles and finishes.


Cost-effective and efficient, even during ongoing operations.


Adheres to all smooth surfaces.


Durable, hygienic, and easy to clean.


Certified according to the B1 fire protection standard.


Immediate use after coating.

Hotel fitters beware: there is now some competition on the horizon

Free reign for creative ideas.

You, as a hotel owner, draw a great advantage from these circumstances. The purchase of new hotel furnishings is no longer necessary, nor is the costly restoration of special items of furniture. In cooperation with resimdo, you will experience a truly special transformation, which otherwise only an expensive hotel interior designer could achieve. Choose for yourself whether you want to collaborate with us on the coating of your hotel furnishings, including the planning, or whether you want to apply the film using your own personnel, or you own choice of installation company. Anything is possible!

A partition wall creates a hotel lobby with a homely character

Now a little imagination is required to bring together special highlights, bold colour combinations and an extravagant touch of elegance. You have all the time flexibility you require to renovate on the fly. Take the custom wall design in this hotel lobby as an example. Using chipboard as a partition, a homely living room wall is created to match the other hotel furnishings in the lobby.

Custom hotel interior design featuring a partition wall in the hotel lobby with W671 rustic wood-effect film - after
Custom hotel interior design featuring a partition wall in the hotel lobby with W671 rustic wood-effect film - before

Verwendete Folie:
W671 – Rustic Indoor Plank

A film coating for your elevator

Rather than applying another coat of paint, the hotel’s elevators have a lively silver coating with a tactile pattern. As an eye-catcher in the lobby area and on the individual floors, elevators are also part of the hotel’s appearance. Due to the silent, odourless and fast technique for the fitting of a film coating, the entire elevator renovation house is completed quickly and in-house, without inconvenient disruptions to operations. The modern metallic film transforms the visual impression and demonstrates that a hotel interior is about more than just furniture.

Fresh wood design on the reception desk

There is also an elegant solution for wood, if the wood tones on the various panels differ. In this reception desk example, the colour difference is clear to see. To achieve a beautiful colour scheme, a film coating is just the thing. It completely covers the wood tone underneath, creates a uniform colour tone and is complete within a short period of time, without impeding ongoing operations. As part of the hotel interior, the reception area is also ready for a change. In the same wood design, the wall in the background is transformed to match the design of the counter.

Adapting the reception desk to match the hotel furnishings, with a wood-effect Mahagoni W689 film coating - after
Adapting the reception desk to match the hotel furnishings, with a wood-effect Mahagoni W689 film coating - before

Verwendete Folie:
W689 – Mahagoni Touch

Thus, there is a suitable design option for every price and budget – from the international hotel chain to the family-run inn. We offer self-assembly training courses for in-house staff, tailored to their individual needs, or for the commissioned installation company with the required or reserved manpower. The hotel furnishings, including the furniture in the room, the built-in elements of the social or conference rooms, and the restaurant thus take a brisk leap forwards, into modernity. Of course, we can also take care of the installation, meaning that training is completely unnecessary.

A new level of design for hotel interiors

DIY variant to apply yourself.

Of course, you can also simply purchase just the high-quality films from us to elevate hotel furnishings and rooms to a new level. On our pages you will find instructions and tutorials to ensure that your project runs smoothly. And if something does go wrong, our customer advisors are always on hand to answer any technical questions you might have. Regardless of which option you choose for your hotel interior, we will definitely not leave you hanging. For we share with you a common goal: to propel your interior into the modern age, on a solid trajectory, that brings lasting benefit and pleasure. Decide for yourself – choose your path to a new hotel interior!



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