Design ideas for furniture

In principle, furniture refers to functional items for everyday use, and it is impossible to imagine everyday life without them. The wardrobe must offer sufficient space for clothes, built-in cabinets usually conceal glasses or bowls, and files and folders hide behind the doors of sideboards or chests of drawers. However, furniture also serves a very different purpose. Nevertheless, it does have one basic objective: to provide effective storage space.

Only in recent years has the requirement for an aesthetic external appearance in furniture been on the rise. Wooden furniture is going out of fashion, and people want to implement new interior design ideas and, in so doing, create unusual patterns or colours. Special high-performance film for interior use can make this a reality for you. The surface of the existing furniture can be transformed into the desired design, quickly and easily. Be inspired by the world of films.

resimdo living room wall unit in concrete white S115 Ns401 example
resimdo living room wall unit white concrete S115 Ns401 example - after

Creativity with colour and texture

Tactile – Modern – Trendy.

Dive into the sea of colours that is adhesive film! With the specially developed film, almost all furnishing ideas can be realised, as the innovative technology fulfils both visual and haptic requirements. This means that the film has a tactile texture and, together with the aesthetic appearance, delivers a realistic reproduction of the original. Leather effect with stitching pattern, wood with a tactile grain, or a rough texture in stone are all among the options available as an adhesive film. Of course, the collection also includes timeless, single-colour films.

resimdo white textile fabric film: NSP07
resimdo stone-effect film: Grey Rustic Stone NS407
resimdo stone-effect film: Dark Peacock Natural ns428
resimdo wood-effect film: Bright Antique Wood W274
resimdo wood-effect film: Dark Noce w823

Take advantage of the best attributes

Fast & affordable, without turning the place into a building site.

The reason for using the adhesive film is quite simple: you spare yourself the need to buy new pieces of furniture or the added expense of the custom painting of the surface. This not only has an effect on your wallet, but also saves time. Finding a suitable replacement in the furniture store, with the appropriate dimensions and interior layout, is not so easy and requires some time.

resimdo white piano film: Limewashed white s115
resimdo white piano film: Limewashed white s115 - after

Verwendete Folie:
S115 – Limewashed White

On top of all this, there is no need to dispose of your old furniture, as the existing furniture forms the basis for the film coating. The work does not require an elaborate set-up – after thorough cleaning, the professionals begin sticking. Depending on the scope of the project, the redesign will be completed within a day or just a few hours, and the unique coated piece will be ready to use again right away.

Stick the film on yourself

DIY: Learn to apply film.

We are receiving an increasing number of requests from industrious DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen who fancy trying their hand at applying the film themselves. The film material is very easy to handle, meaning that a wide range of interior design ideas can be realised all by yourself. With a little interest and skill in the handling of the films, you will be able to realise your ideas independently and, if necessary, time and again. In our online store, you will find self-adhesive film with suitable tools for home use. A selection of instructional videos illustrate how to achieve successful results with film coating.

Furnishing ideas with pizazz

Areas of application for adhesive film.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine which pieces will be suitable for film coating, and what will be feasible in terms of ideas. The pictures below offer an opportunity to get an impression of the creative interior design ideas for yourself. You can find much more inspiration in our projects, by checking out the before and after comparison, and shots captured between work steps.

The principle here is quite simple, as the film’s adhesive layer will stick to any smooth surface. This includes wood, metal, and glass. Even on raw building material, the adhesive force is effective, e.g. OCB boards, concrete or untreated wood. Depending on the nature of the surface, we use an adhesion promoter to create a uniform base for the adhesive layer. Look at your living space from a different perspective and uncover the possibilities.

Change the colour at a later stage

As a visual room divider with practical storage space, the shelf stands at the transition into the open-plan kitchen. It is designed to somewhat limit the view into the cooking area and provides additional storage space.

As a furnishing idea, the shelf is perfect as a room divider: the dimensions and layout fit perfectly. However, over time, it looks increasingly out of place, as the light wood look becomes outdated every day and simply no longer fits with the rest of the living space. A new shelf with the same dimensions, but a different surface was not available for purchase in the desired concrete style. And so, even in the case of inexpensive furniture, after a while it is worthwhile altering the look with film. With the new idea of using film, the old shelf is given a trendy dark grey concrete look.

resimdo kitchen shelf in concrete: Ns402 Bright Concrete Beton
resimdo kitchen shelf film in concrete: Ns402 Bright Concrete Beton
resimdo kitchen shelf film in concrete: Ns402 Bright Concrete Beton - after

With its straight surfaces and right angles, it is an ideal object on which to try out the film coating yourself. Using the do-it-yourself method, our customer purchased film and tools directly from the online store. Without any prior knowledge, she began the fitting process using the videos and successfully completed her room divider project. Dare to take interior design ideas into your own hands! If you inject a little fun into the process, the transformation will be a greater success than you might first suspect.

Cleverly polish up old furniture

There’s something in the air – change! After many years of use, your old furniture is really showing its age: a fresh, new style is now required; one that is unique and creative, with low-maintenance surfaces and really stylish visual accents. Strolling through the furniture store seems inspiring, but brand new furniture can rack up quite a bill. It’s just as well that really beautiful interior design ideas need not be all that expensive!

Bedroom furniture to make you feel great: transforming old to new

Bedroom furnishing ideas are ten a penny, but hardly any of them are as smart as this one: simply use a modern high-tech film to cover the furniture surfaces in keeping with your own taste. Our high-quality films not only have a special visual charm, they also mimic three-dimensional textures, as found, for example, on wood and stone surfaces.

Film coat the wardrobe, dresser, night stand and bed in the same style, so that everything fits together beautifully. Worn spots, stains and unfashionable patterns disappear underneath the brand-new coating – everything looks like new. Truly beautiful: resourceful DIY enthusiasts can build new pieces of furniture from inexpensive wood materials and also film-coat them, thus bringing old and new together in perfect harmony.

Creative interior design ideas for living rooms and cloakrooms

An entire living room wall can also be easily redesigned with film, or that heavy oak cabinet grandma used to own will finally be restored to its former glory. In the dining area, the large family table receives a colour makeover thanks to our interior design ideas; in a light wood tone and with a distinct grain, it looks like new. Those with a keen eye for detail can film coat the picture frames on the wall in the same style, not forgetting the wooden elements of the old display cabinet. Now everything looks like a unified whole!

When visitors first enter the entrance area, it serves as a kind of business card that, if attractively designed, invites them to get to know the rest of the house and its residents even better. The old wardrobe is given a brand-new design, for example, in the aesthetically pleasing concrete look. And for those who like to strive for perfection, apply the same beautiful film to the baseboards for a wonderfully harmonious overall look.

The image gallery showcases the complete transformation of individual pieces of furniture and entire rooms, complete with before and after pictures.

Smart furnishing ideas for offices and workshops

The workshop also deserves a makeover, and here, bold trendsetters are breaking new ground. How about covering the desk with an authentic looking stone effect, or perhaps a leather-effect film? Some of your visitors will have to look twice and even then will struggle to see any difference from real natural stone: it looks wonderfully rustic.

Of course, you can also keep things more discreet: office furniture in dark colours can be brightened up to perfection with white film, bringing a fresh summer breeze to the workplace. However, there are other, completely different, ways to transform your surfaces: glossy becomes matte, gaudy red becomes subtle anthracite or light grey. Tool cabinets can also be given a new look, for example in a cheerful yellow with contrasting black sides. They say that colours have a strong influence over our disposition: with these interior design ideas, nothing will stand in the way of a good mood!

In a commercial setting, experienced film fitters can implement a new design professionally, and above all, quickly. Without disrupting the workday with noisy machinery, and without any waiting time, the film can be neatly applied in the office, hotel, restaurant or other commercial industries. Here you not only benefit from the convenient application, but also save the additional cost of a renovation or new purchase.

...and even more ideas for imaginative interior designers

This film gives a new lease of life to your imagination, and can be used anywhere you want to see a visual change in your furniture and home accessories. Just walk through your premises with open eyes, and you are sure to come across many an inspiration with regard to new furnishing ideas: does the coffee machine need a visual makeover? What about the refrigerator? Is your kitchen design still up to date? Even an elevator can be easily redesigned with film: Have fun designing!

Bedroom furnishing ideas are ten a penny, but hardly any of them are as smart as this one: simply use a modern high-tech film to cover the furniture surfaces in keeping with your own taste. Our high-quality films not only have a special visual charm, they also mimic three-dimensional textures, as found, for example, on wood and stone surfaces.



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