Bathroom renovation for fittings

Furniture and fixtures in the bathroom – well thought out and planned in detail. As a rule, people make ideal use of the space in the bathroom so that there is enough storage space for towels or toiletries and they are not restricted when washing in the morning. However, when it’s time for a change of bathroom wallpaper, the exact planning in bathroom renovation will present you with a problem. It is not possible to simply redesign. The large washbasin with double wash basin is firmly anchored to the wall and the bathroom furniture has the ideal dimensions for the empty floor space. What now? Can film be used to coat bathroom furniture and fittings? – Surely you can’t do that. Absolutely! The surface of the bathroom fittings provides an ideal base for the adhesive layer due to its smooth surface. Therefore, the waterproof material for the bathroom is a practical solution for bathroom renovation, because it meets all the important criteria for lasting durability.

Use film on fixtures instead of renovating

Large washbasin in concrete look.

Inexpensive bathroom renovation with waterproof film and fixture in concrete light grey - after
Inexpensive bathroom renovation with waterproof film and fixture in concrete light grey - before

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NS401 – Bright Concrete Beton

A marble with grain just doesn’t fit into today’s modern bathroom design. Dismantling such large and high-quality wash basins and looking for new colours of the same size is not worth it, because they are basically absolutely fine. Therefore, a robust coating instead of the bathroom renovation was a simple solution and totally practical to achieve. The waterproof material completely adapts to the shape, can be cleaned with the usual cleaners and creates a new look. No long construction site, no remodeling or extra mess arise during the film application work. No need for lengthy planning, complete fittings get their modern trend kick quickly and inexpensively. From a single source, the bathroom renovation of the fixtures on all vanities was completed in one day.

New storage space for a double washbasin

Tactile texture, easy to clean and waterproof.

Renovate the surface of the double washbasin with a film as a coating - before
Renovate the surface of the double washbasin with a film as a coating - after

This is something different from the classic white double wash basins. It’s impossible to find bathroom fittings with a leather surface, and its textured finish also makes it non-slip. With a film coating, there is hardly any restriction on the surfaces, because all films in our range are waterproof and easy to clean. In addition, due to the variety of decors, they create a look that is not achievable in a bathroom renovation.

Have your bathroom covered in film

Bathroom renovation from a single source.

When covering bathroom fittings in film, cleaning before application is essential. It forms the basis for the adhesion of the adhesive layer and thus ensures permanent durability. If you still have concerns about the film, a sample of the adhesive film can be used in advance to perform extensive testing of daily use with water, cleaners and everyday use.

Total flat surfaces with 90° corners, as in the two examples here, are relatively easy to cover, because they are similar in principle to the processing of a drawer. In case of pronounced curves or deepening in the basin, we always recommend consulting a specialist beforehand. Such strong deformations can not be dealt with using a single piece, as the film is quickly covered in the process. A coating will peel off again after only a short time in the excessively deformed areas. Consequently, over time, the film will peel off again at the edges or the indentations.

This restriction does not generally apply to bathroom furniture, because they are covered just like any other piece of furniture using the same application methods. In this way, everything can be implemented from a single source when renovating the bathroom. Furniture and fixtures get the same decor from the same craftsman. If you still want to set a few additional high lights, you can directly cover the tiles to achieve the perfect overall look.

Elegant surfaces throughout the bathroom

Bathroom renovation with a difference – without any remodelling at all.

Dream bathrooms are not easy to have, according to popular opinion. Wrong thinking! If you have a bathroom in an old building, possibly with an old-fashioned colour scheme in brown, dark green or pastel colors, you don’t have to resort to heavy equipment to renew it. For the optical redesign, a high-quality film coating in a beautiful design which completely covers the old surfaces is all you need. Is this really a permanent solution? Absolutely!

Bathroom renovation for adhesive artists: beautify your wash basin

This type of bathroom renovation is as amazing as it is simple, new types of high-tech films make it possible. Film manufacturer Hyundai (formerly Hanwha) has been honing its self-adhesive film products since the early 1980s – and it has clearly paid off! They are even suitable for use in wet areas. Steam, moisture and water on fittings, furniture and tiles do absolutely nothing after the previous cleaning of the film surface. In addition, the decors have an antibacterial effect, easily withstand the usual cleaning agents and are completely free of harmful substances!

So what could be more obvious than waving a magic wand and giving the old wash basin a whole new outfit as part of the bathroom renovation? Why rip it out, put up with all the mess of a construction site and plan an expensive complete rebuild when it can be done more simply? In this context, mixing different materials proves to be particularly exciting, because who owns a wash basin made of wood, natural stone or metal? Bathroom renovation films deceptively reproduce different materials, including their tactile textures. The film can even be used to create a leather-effect washing zone, possibly in the same look as the freshly covered tiles or the newly purchased bathroom furniture. Now just a few chic accents on the fixtures and the transformation is perfect!

Better than buying new: Design your bathroom creatively

Of course, this individual type of bathroom renovation does not stop at your own bathroom because the guest bathroom also deserves a makeover. You can also design your bathroom in a creative look or just dare to do something completely different at this point – for example, an authentic concrete look. The practical film for refurbishment is also available in a variety of solid colours, optionally with a matte or glossy surface, or with a grain design. This is how even a boring white or ochre-coloured bathroom is transformed into an inviting oasis of well-being with fresh colour accents. Check out the bathroom examples and get inspiration for a complete bathroom renovation. In this way, you might upgrade one part cheaply and quickly with the coating, requiring construction work only for a small area. Plan the mix right before work is started and you will reduce the length of time and costs needed.

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