Covering furniture – chest of drawers, sideboard & Co.

In any home, an elegant sideboard provides a place for storing functional items behind closed doors. Often several chests of drawers of different designs, layouts and sizes can be found in one household. A robustly built chest of drawers will continue to fulfil its function over a long period of time, even in the event of changes to the home. Instead of throwing different pieces of furniture together, a sturdy self-adhesive film unites all the individual pieces into a harmonious overall look. By coating your furniture with film, you will not only save the cost of buying a new a sideboard, but also any additional surcharge for customised colours, finishes or textures.

Renew your sideboard

Design a unique piece.

resimdo living room sideboard white high gloss Shiny White Gloss HS204
resimdo film living room sideboard white high gloss Shiny White Gloss HS204 example

The many design variations of our self-adhesive film give free rein to the imagination for creative living ideas or a completely new interior design style. By covering the furniture with high-quality film, renovation is very simple. Classic colours in combination with special effects will fulfil your every wish, no matter how extravagant. Cover the body in white and add accents with a tactile leather surface, cool concrete or rustic wood. In this way, you will get a unique piece that can not be found in any furniture store.

You can find detailed information on how to apply film to the firmly integrated sideboard in the pictures in our news section.

Everything even for small pieces of furniture

Renovation made easy.

resimdo living room shelf white high gloss Shiny White Gloss HS204 example
resimdo living room shelf white high gloss Shiny White Gloss HS204 example after
resimdo film living room shelf white high gloss Shiny White Gloss HS204 example

Cheap, small pieces of furniture can be quickly picked up in furniture stores or an online store, but still produce unnecessary waste when disposed of. Often, over the years, you get used to the layout in your closet and everything fits just the way it should. The dimensions fit so perfectly to the wall that you can not always find the same cabinet. Even in the case of an inexpensive chest of drawers, it is worth having it covered or buying the furniture film to apply yourself. Implementing a new design will not only save you time and money, but also environmentresources.

Enthusiastic handymen, do-it-yourselfers and laymen also become active themselves and buy the furniture film according to the motto: Do it yourself.

New dress for furniture surfaces

Trend colour gloss white.

resimdo film living room lowboard white high gloss Shiny White Gloss HS204 example
resimdo film living room shelf white high gloss Shiny White Gloss HS204 example

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HS204 – Shiny White Gloss

Fashionable, classic and discreet: Hardly any colour is as permanently trendy as high-gloss white. It brightens the room and makes it look visually larger. Once the film has been applied to the furniture, it completely covers the frosted glass design and gives the chest of drawers a new look. Timeless and distinguished, the style suits any room and any colour combination. If your furnishing ideas change again after a few years, the look can be quickly and easily redesigned to meet your new wishes. The film can be removed without causing any damage, and the piece of furniture can then be recoated.

DIY - Apply the film yourself

Video tutorial example cabinet parts wall units.

The video tutorial shows how anyone can apply film to furniture themselves, using the example of wall units in a living room. In a modern combination of a concrete look in dark grey in combination with an abstract white-silver foil. Thus, the ageing individual parts are transformed into a modern unique piece.

World of ideas

A bit like real magic.

Applying decorative film to furniture

Small pieces of furniture have a greater impact on living space than you might think, and this becomes apparent at the latest when one of these practical pieces is given a completely new look: %22Wait, that corner used to look completely different, didn’t it?%22 With the help of special films, this furniture can be covered and changed in a simple and striking way – without sandpaper or paint brushes. The once dark, somewhat worn chest of drawers is suddenly resplendent in high-gloss white, and the wonderfully spacious sideboard in the dining room suddenly looks brand-new once more! Of course, this requires high-quality self-adhesive films with great visual effects, high adhesive strength and robust material. After all, if we’re going to apply film to our furniture, we really want it to look the part, and look durable. Resimdo offers just the right products for this purpose, thick-layer films with three-dimensional textured surfaces, removable if necessary and always incredibly durable and stunning to look at. With them, you can give free rein to your creativity for new interior design ideas, completely without dust, dirt and dripping paint! By the way, our furniture films are tested free of harmful substances, withstand even the steam in the kitchen and bathroom and even have an antibacterial effect.

Old oak chest of drawers becomes a new jewel

Want a few inspiring examples? Gladly! Almost every household can enjoy a practical sideboard in the dining room or living room, which usually contains plates, cups and the like. Often this medium-sized piece of furniture is quite high quality, sometimes even an original heirloom. While useful and robust in any case, it doesn’t always look really modern or visually appealing. And this is where we start with our film: First, we ask ourselves what colour and texture would benefit the room overall and order a corresponding decor to apply to our furniture. The result in this case is a gem with a deceptively realistic, cool concrete look, combined with surfaces in matte anthracite. Of course, the result can also look like the picture: in radiant snow-white and glossy lacquer.

Another example is the small roll container in the study, which has seen better days. Its somewhat old-fashioned beech exterior is transformed into a strong red to match the chest of drawers, which also got a fresh boost from our renovation trip. And what about the slightly worn sideboard? Of course, this must not be left untouched, its scratched surface disappears under a deceptively genuine natural stone decor or in the high-contrast industrial look of a metallic film.

Get started with your first piece DIY style

DIY is trendy anyway, and when the work is so easy to do, it’s a real joy. Above all, it is important to scrupulously clean the surfaces to be covered, for example, with the special cleaner from resimdo, which also fights stubborn grease stains. If possible, you should remove the fittings, which makes it much easier to cover the furniture with film. Now accurately measure the areas you intend to cover, using the lines on the backing paper as a guide when cutting to size. It is not a bad idea to leave a little overlap (approx. 2 cm per side) so that there is some room for manoeuvre when applying the film and the edges can really be folded all the way to the back. With the cutter knife you can also cut off the self-adhesive film directly on the piece of furniture, this works especially well in the corners. On larger surfaces, pull the backing paper off the film little by little, stick the top end of the film down first and then carefully smooth it out from top to bottom using the squeegee. Any air pockets can also be easily smoothed towards the sides. Warm hairdryer air helps to stretch the material so that it can be folded around edges quite easily. If you now feel like giving it a try, we will of course not put any obstacles in your way. Simply order a furniture film of your choice – and get started with your first piece!

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