A quick guide to projects

Those who still remember the self-adhesive films of the past will hardly be able to grasp today’s possibilities of use with this high-tech product. A tactile surface, robust properties and a wide range enable the transformation of entire rooms in coordinated colours with interesting combinations at an affordable price.

resimdo hotel hotel room film wood conversion example

Hotel room renovation

The Novina Hotel Südwestpark shows how effective and sustainable it can be to renovate a hotel with film. In the interview, you can learn more about the decision-making criteria.

resimdo film restaurant bar counter gold brown white holt example

Conversion of lounge - restaurant

The Prestige lounge restaurant underwent an exclusive transformation in a very short time. The short video shows a quick glance at simple colours combined with highlights.

resimdo film medical practice reception area white black wood example

Renovation of medical practice

Light colours with easy-to-clean surfaces are a popular choice for medical practices. Colour combinations with subtle accents are very popular. Watch the transformation now.

resimdo film commercial elevator door white metal door example

Coating a lift

Instead of applying multiple coats of paint over the years, film can be applied and removed without construction work or waiting time. Exclusive designs with a tactile feel.

resimdo commercial warehouse floor white concrete floor example

Fast flooring

Especially in industry, replacing flooring poses a number of challenges. This is not the case when coating with film, which is effective and cost-effective to install and use.

resimdo film bedroom bedside table silver wood example

Quick test for small furniture item

The stopwatch shows how quickly a small piece of furniture can receive a new surface in film. With a little skill and practice, simple pieces of furniture can be given a new look in no time.



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