Stone-effect adhesive film

Robust, elegant and heavy: these are the properties associated with stone, thus paving the way for an adhesive film in a stone effect. Long before modern times, stone was a basic component in simple dwellings and magnificent buildings. Whether the pyramids in Egypt or statues on Easter Island, people very early recognised the impressive beauty of the material, processing various different types of stone. Each type of stone has its own colour, grain, and composition. However, all stones have one thing in common: stone is bulky and heavy.

Stone-effect adhesive film in marble white: CO-AB-NS801 Bianco Carrara marble
Stone-effect adhesive film in light grey concrete: CO-AB-NS401 Bright Concrete
Grained stone-effect film in a rustic grey: CO-AB-NS407 Grey Rustic Stone
Self-adhesive stone-effect film in grey/brown concrete: CO-AB-NS402 Middle Concrete
Adhesive film in a modern brown/red rust effect: CO-AB-NS410 Red Iron Oxide

Stone types as adhesive film

The idea behind the stone-effect film.

The magnificent works of art pose numerous riddles as to how they were created with the resources available at the time. Even with today’s machinery, there is no change in the fact that stone elements are difficult to work with. The price of a stone is determined by how commonly it occurs and its processing. This can add up to incredible amounts, and so begins the search for a simple alternative. Designing an adhesive film in a stone effect offers a solution. However, it is not just the appearance that plays a role, but a tactile surface should also replicate the stone as realistically as possible. Compared to natural stone, film is mobile, light and flexible, thus allowing anyone to achieve the stone look. When it comes to the colour or grain in a stone effect, there are no limits with stone-effect flooring, as now any style can be reinterpreted or presented in a classic way.

Stone-effect adhesive film in a fine marble variant

To this day, marble can be found on the floors and walls of many large buildings. Few people know that this is actually a stone-effect adhesive film. With the self-adhesive layer on the back, the film offers a practical and affordable alternative when fitting. Any type of marble can be reproduced as a marble film, such as Bianco Carrara (white marble) or Marron Emperator (brown marble).

Stone-effect adhesive film as a marble film in white/grey: CO-AB-HD712 Bright Marble Gloss

Dark slate on the stone-effect film

In nature, slate stone is usually only found in shades of dark grey to black. However, with the imitation slate, other colour options are possible, such as beige or brown. The characteristic fracture lines in the slate are also present in the stone-effect film and emphasize the surface finish, with its tactile elements. This makes the slate look particularly realistic. The example on the right shows another colour combination ranging from dark grey to brown.

Stone-effect adhesive film in a black/brown slate: CO-AB-NS428 Dark Peacock Natural



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