Renovating a door

Really beautiful: a room in which simply everything fits together, finely tuned, as if from a brochure! But with old interior doors this is not possible or requires a great deal of effort, wouldn’t you think?

Of course, you can do this by altering the external character of the doors and adapting them in line with your ideas. Here, a brush and paint are not sufficient if you want to achieve a perfect result by imitating other materials such as high-quality woods, metal, glass or leather – right down to their three-dimensional texture. This can only be achieved with a furniture film that takes into account not only colour and pattern, but also the textural characteristics of the desired surface. The highlight: applying the film directly to the old door is fairly straightforward, and doesn’t require a great deal of preparation. Renovating doors has rarely been so easy – even more so with this innovation!

For wood and metal doors

Door renovation made easy!

resimdo wood-effect bathroom film: W671 Rustic Indoor Plank before example
resimdo wood-effect bathroom film: W671 Rustic Indoor Plank after example

Verwendete Folie:
W671 – Ventum

The special door film keeps the effort required for painting or varnishing to a minimum. A smooth surface on the door or frame is particularly suitable if you want to start applying the film right away. Therefore, wooden and metal doors with a neatly painted surface are ideal. There is no need for the tedious preparatory work associated with conventional methods! This includes, first and foremost, the sanding of the old layers of varnish or paint. All interior doors and their frames are given a look to match the furnishings. Damage to the old door can be removed beforehand without great effort.

Wood-effect film for commercial metal doors: DW803 Smooth Wide Wood - after example
Wood-effect film for commercial metal doors: DW803 Smooth Wide Wood - before example

Verwendete Folie:
DW803 – Smooth Wide Wood

From a safety perspective, metal doors are a popular choice as a means by which to improve fire protection, or they may simply already be in place when you move in. As a beautiful transition between rooms, metal doors can be renovated, and this without painting. The high-performance film covers the door on either one or both sides, as desired. Thus, each room can be given an appropriate look and the adhesive layer adheres to the smooth surface permanently, without a great deal of effort during renovation. Safety is ensured by the high standard of production, whereby the film is produced in several layers.

Film solution for doors

Single-sided or double-sided application.

This example clearly demonstrates one of the advantages of using the film. Changing the colour of a house door may lead to conflict with property management. They advocate for a uniform overall appearance in the hallway. It may not seem possible for owners to implement their own colour choice, that is, until they come across this new door renovation option. By sticking the robust film onto just one side, in the desired colour – without compromising the specifications of the management company. As an alternative to painting doors, we present other projects in our image gallery.

Doors and frames

Applying both inside and outside.

resimdo white film in an office - before - S115 Limewashed White example
resimdo white film in an office - after - S115 Limewashed White example

Verwendete Folie:
S115 – Pure White

Which film is used will depend, among other things, on its installation location. If installed outdoors, the film material will face different challenges than if installed within interior rooms. Outside the film must withstand temperature and weather conditions, whereas inside, everyday use and wear and tear will affect the film. Therefore, we attach great importance to high-quality products and are happy to provide information regarding the quality and respective properties. With film coating, the adhesive film allows you to implement many different designs that are simply not possible when buying a new door. Take a look at all the quality film has to offer for your door renovation.

resimdo white interior door film - before example
resimdo white interior door film - after example

Application procedure

Renovating doors for everyone: here’s how it’s done!

With our door film, you can give both old wooden doors and surfaces made of metal or plastic a brand-new look. The durable material lasts 10 years and is even suitable for external door renovations. Smaller defects and cracks disappear beneath the thick-layer film, making time-consuming filling superfluous to requirements. This way you can revive your interior doors with little effort – you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

Preparation for a successful job

In most cases, all that is required is that you thoroughly clean the surface to be re-designed, so as to remove any grease and dust. Loose coats of paint on wooden doors should be sanded off beforehand, while more stable paint can be left as it is. Now remove any fittings that could get in the way. Before applying the adhesive film, position the door leaf in a horizontal position – this will make the work easier.

Cut to fit

Determining the exact cut for renovating room doors is incredibly simple, as the back of each roll of film features a grid pattern that you can use as a guide. Add about 2 cm to the measured dimensions so as to be able to stick the film around the edges.

Neatly stick on the film.

Now the actual door renovation begins: place the film with the backing paper facing downwards onto the surface to be covered, fold it over on one side and remove the paper from the adhesive layer. Then cut the paper with a sharp knife or scissors and glue the first half of the film to the substrate. Next, once the first half is perfectly in position, move on to the second half.

Bubble free and without creases

Use a warm hairdryer to increase the flexibility of the film, and a rubber squeegee to smooth the surface. Carefully rub any air pockets towards the outer edges. If a bubble remains on the surface, pierce it gently with the tip of a knife to allow the air to escape. Finally, the most important rule is this: always stay relaxed! The film can be easily repositioned should you ever make a mistake. This way, the renovation of your new door is sure to be a success!



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