Wood-effect adhesive film

What inspired the creation of wood-effect furniture and adhesive films? For many centuries, wood has served as a material for the manufacture of houses, furniture, and cladding. Initially, the appearance of the wooden components was not the main point of focus, with this aspect developing over time. The specific wood species, with their respective grain and colour, then became increasingly important. A specific science, with clear definitions of each species, began to develop. The number of different species is almost infinite: beech, oak, pine, mahogany, poplar, rosewood, willow, walnut, and so on. Our consumption of wood as a raw material continued to grow.

resimdo CO-WO-DW801 White Vintage Wood wood-effect adhesive film in vintage white
resimdo CO-WO-W358 Beauty Of Pine resimdo wood-effect adhesive film in brown/light brown
CO-WO-PZ806 Light Brush Oak wood-effect self-adhesive film in brown/grey
resiimdo CO-WO-W912 Rustic Antique Wood adhesive film in a rustic, shabby vintage wood effect
resimdo CO-WO-W705 Dark Grey Noce wood-effect self-adhesive film in grey/black/walnut

Real wood and wood-effect adhesive film

The idea of a self-adhesive wood substitute.

Due to increasing environmental impact and the preservation of forests, manufacturers are now turning to wood substitutes. Furniture made of real wood is now a rarity, yet the desire for a real wood look remains. The first solution was that of the veneer, a panel with a thickness of approx. 3mm, which is glued onto the surface. Over time, the thickness of wood veneers decreased and the chipboard panels began to be run through a pressing machine under high pressure. Soon, manufacturers came up with the idea of applying an adhesive layer to the reverse side, and the principle of the wood-effect adhesive film was born. Both the adhesive and the surface were to undergo further development. Adhesion improved, and all types of wood could be reproduced and even altered. Wood-effect adhesive film now features a high-performance surface and is actually more durable than real wood. The realistic adhesive replacement is available in almost any grain or colour, and even has a tactile surface (haptics).

Application examples

Use of the wood-effect film

Self-adhesive rustic wood-effect film for walls: CO-WO-W671 Rustic Indoor Plank
Adhesive wood-effect film in light grey for the film coating of stairs: CO-WO-DW201 Bright Concrete Wood
Rustic wood-effect adhesive film in dark brown, for bathroom tiles: CO-WO-W671 Rustic Indoor Plank
Wood-effect adhesive film in  vintage white/light grey for kitchens and cabinets: CO-WO-DW801 White Vintage Wood

Find inspiration and see the finished result for yourself. In our gallery, we showcase many different possibilities offered by our wood-effect adhesive films. In addition to wood, you will also find other ideas for use in your home. Filters and categories are available to help you find your way around. You can narrow down the results to find what you had in mind. Just take a look and get a first impression. Before and after pictures clearly demonstrate the interior design transformation process. You are sure to be surprised by the results the wood-effect film can achieve, while at the same time requiring no additional effort on the part of the home-owner.



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