New interior design with a difference

You open the front door and that soothing feeling comes, %22Home at last.%22 Every day you look forward to coming home, but over time the cosiness of home turns into monotonous everyday life. For a long time now, the interior design has not changed, so even the seasonal decorations do not help. The classic wooden furniture still stands in the same place in the bedroom and makes the room look dark. The floor and doors don’t actually go well with the furniture at all, but at first it did not particularly bother you. Every day you notice a different detail that affects the overall look in the living room. Now it’s high time for a turnaround: You need a breath of fresh air!

Creative interior design with colour and ideas

Examples of giving old things a new look with film.

Tips on interior design in the kitchen with colour and highlights, modern look in concrete, gloss white and black - after
Tips on interior design in the kitchen with colour and highlights, modern look in concrete, gloss white and black - before

Verwendete Folien:
NS401 – Bright Concrete Beton
HS204 – Shiny White Gloss

As a rule, it is not the furnishings in the room itself that are undesirable. On the contrary, the layout inside the cabinets perfectly fits the contents, and the dimensions of the furniture exactly match the space available in the kitchen. New colours and ideas for creative interior design are the key point: High gloss instead of matte, light instead of dark, colourful instead of classic and so on. At some point, you just need a change of scenery to enjoy the living environment once more. And we have a few tips and tricks ready for you here.

Redesign colour scheme on the walls in the living room and use details to adjust room design to modern concrete look - after
Redesign colour scheme on the walls in the living room and use details to adjust room design to modern concrete look - before

Verwendete Folie:
NS403 – Dark Concrete Beton

And if you just want to go with the trend for once, set some accents in the living room. During the colour transformation, the living room in the example gets a new contrast on the walls. With an accent in concrete and small details in the same colour round off the overall look of the room design. If you look closely, you will discover the subtle change in the glass table, wooden furniture and cable duct. The film creates a harmonious transformation in a colour-coordinated look. A complete redesign is not always necessary, as specific highlights and a colour makeover for small and large ideas can also create a new sense of space.

Have me made you curious? Then get the right inspiration!

Robust film for indoors offers an ideal solution for creative ideas to achieve the desire for beautiful living with a modern design, trendy colours or unusual textures. It is relatively easy to renew the old interior design creatively, because the surfaces are given a new coating with a special film. Individual elements such as doors, furniture, stairs or entire rooms such as bedrooms, the living room and bathrooms can be covered using the special high-tech film because it adheres to any smooth surface. YOU get an optical upgrade while saving time, money and waste.

During the consultation on-site or by phone, we are happy to give tips on interior design. But already online there are some examples of the use of film coating. In our picture galleries you can see the procedures and the transformation of the new living space step by step. This is how fast, easy and stress-free creative, modern, beautiful, harmonious renovation can be!

DIY: Do your own room design

Get active and lend a hand.

Do it yourself instead of having it done for you: Become your own interior decorator and take interior design into your own hands. With the easy handling and fast application technique, you are not dependent on having to call someone to do the job for you. Because if you have some interest, time and fun in renovating, you can turn the new living ideas into reality yourself. Go wild with the whole interior. As a cheap alternative to having our team do the job for you, you can find our self-adhesive film directly in our shop, together with the necessary tools. You can design your own four walls creatively, intensively and productively to create your own living experience. Check out the sample images below to see what great before and after comparisons we’ve received from our do-it-yourself customers.

The bathroom interior design DIY home makeover tile stickers in black silver wood look - after
The bathroom interior design DIY home makeover tile stickers in black silver wood look - before

Verwendete Folie:
W556 – Silver Castagno Cadduci

Interior design throughout the kitchen for tiles, countertop, fronts and smooth surfaces in wood White - after
Interior design throughout the kitchen for tiles, countertop, fronts and smooth surfaces in wood White - before

Verwendete Folie:
LM202 – Classic White Wood

Collection of ideas for the home

Use vivid ideas and the power of colour.

The world is more colourful than imagined, several hundred different shades of colour can be distinguished by the human eye. Not only are colours perceived with the sense of sight, however, but also by the soul: Who does not know the soothing effect of a bright blue sky or a deep green forest? Interior design enthusiasts who bring just the right colours and colour contrasts into their own homes will benefit from the sensory effect of a walk in the woods or a sunbath. But not only green and blue reach our subconscious and give us pleasant feelings, many other shades also affect our sense of well-being. Let’s take a look at your room design together and get the best for you!

A new splash of colour for your interior design

Let’s first take a closer look at the interior design of the living room: Is the wall unit already getting on in years, the coffee table hardly younger and the sideboard doesn’t exactly stand out with modern styling either? The good news is that you don’t need new furnishings to bring more colour freshness to your living room. You can also leave paint, varnish and brushes on the hardware store shelf. With our tips for interior design ideas, your furniture will shine in new splendour even without a new coat of paint! That’s because any furniture surface can be redesigned with the high-quality adhesive coating to match your current colour preferences. And because the human eye is so sensitive, we have included gentle colour gradations in our range, such as Rough Banana and Sunrise Yellow in the yellow range. Thus, the dull brown of old furniture becomes a sunrise or a clear winter sky: it is almost the same as having new furnishings and will withstand all everyday wear and tear for many years.

For colour fans: This is what makes living fun!

The interior design cannot be viewed in isolation from its surroundings, as the individual objects deserve to be given a colour makeover in this context. The high-performance film can even be used on floor tiles and window sills in line with the latest design ideas. Likewise, it adds new highlights to smooth walls and opens up new possibilities for wall design. Of course, it is important to create an overall concept of each individual room beforehand in order to achieve a room design with a balanced look. It’s best to create a limited, harmonious colour palette for floors, furniture and walls in each room. Here are a few examples: The colour green has a regenerating and harmonizing effect, blue calms and contributes to relaxation. Combined with a clarifying, cleansing white, these two colours are great for bedroom design. Also violet belongs to the tones that balance our soul. If it appears in a prominent place in the rooms, it has a balancing and calming effect. A refreshing and soothing pink goes very well with it. This combination looks great in the kitchen, for example, or in a recreational room that is intended for relaxation, such as a conservatory or reading room.

Ideas for the entrance area: a friendly welcome!

First impressions often count more than expected, so the colour schemes used to greet visitors on the coat rack and in the hallway itself are a key factor when designing this room. When planning a colour scheme, remember that a bold red is stimulating and activating, and orange represents joy and lightness. For special emphasis of beautiful colour accents, it is worthwhile framing the corresponding areas in glossy black or anthracite. Those who prefer to focus on warmth and comfort in their interior design should use interior films with a deceptively real wood effect, which can transform even cold surfaces into homely room elements. Of course, this effect also works the other way around: visually transform dark wood surfaces into brightly shining marble to perfectly transport the modern and stylish stone-effect film into your living spaces!



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