Self-adhesive film as an all-rounder

Profit all along the line. The self-adhesive films from resimdo offer you unique possibilities to quickly transform your furniture, walls, tiles, windows or doors into eye-catching features. All surfaces can be visually changed in no time at all, with an astonishingly high quality and a wide range of decors: dirt-resistant, impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The surfaces of our films can be easily cleaned with common household detergent and prove to be wonderfully hard-wearing and odourless in everyday use. Professionally wrapped surfaces do not show that they once had a completely different look. This upgrade is perfect!

Wonderfully versatile

Self-adhesive film is expressive and versatile.

CO-WO-PZ806 Light Brush Oak resimdo self-adhesive film wood
CO-AB-APZ05 Gold Crack resimdo self-adhesive film metal gold
CO-AB-APZ14 Silver Metal Weave resimdo self-adhesive film textured silver
CO-AB-NS410 Red Iron Oxide resimdo vinyl rust optic brown red

Variety is the key: Our adhesive films are wonderfully versatile because nothing in the world is as individual as human taste. Together with our manufacturer, we present an extensive range of self-adhesive films, all easy to handle, highly resistant and completely free of harmful substances. Not only do we offer an impressive range of colours, but also many different film decors, from wood, leather and stone to various metal effects and abstract 3D patterns. The choice is yours: matt or gloss, textured or smooth, unique or classic.

In the fantastic world of adhesive film you are spoiled for choice! Discover our full range today.

What types of self-adhesive films are available?

Huge selection at resimdo!

In our shop we offer adhesive films for different needs and tastes. The following are particularly popular:

  • Furniture film: Beautifies old furniture items in an instant.
  • Window film: Whether you’re looking for a privacy screen, frosted glass film or new cladding – we have it in our range.
  • Tile stickers: Turn the tiles from your kitchen into a real highlight or renovate your bathroom tiles with a noble and modern design.
  • Countertop film: For the kitchen, we offer high-quality and water-resistant countertop film.

The modern alternative to paint and brush - self-adhesive film

Self-adhesive film instead of paint and brush.

High-quality self-adhesive film proves to be a modern alternative to paint and brush. In some disciplines, it is clearly ahead: they do not smell, do not emit solvents, and can be applied completely without dirt or paint blotches. From today, even drips and imperfections are a thing of the past! The all-rounder with an adhesive layer on the back sticks to all flat, smooth and load-bearing surfaces. Unlike paint or varnish, it can even be applied to metal, glass or plastic without any problems and provides even coverage.

Decorate kitchen and cabinets with adhesive film in the vintage shabby look
Build your own hotel lobby wall with shelves and cover with wood-effect self-adhesive film
Practice counter cabinets and frame with self-adhesive film in white gloss and wood coating

Now it’s the turn for your ideas! Cover walls with self-adhesive film and revolutionise wall design. Achieve new and creative furniture ideas and go with or against the trend. Reinvent yourself in room design and bring new zest to the kitchen or bathroom. It’s all so easy! The self-adhesive film sticks to tiles as well as to wood, plastic, glass or ceramics. Thanks to its hard-wearing properties, it can be shaped around curves, folded over edges, cut straight to size, pressed on without bubbles and removed again. No matter what room or piece of furniture you want to embellish, the result will be simply a pleasure!

Huge selection of adhesive films

The right thing for every taste!

Are you looking for an update for your furniture, interior or bathroom? At resimdo you will find the right self-adhesive film for every application.



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