Anyone who still doubts that the innovative high-tech film is not suitable for work surfaces still associates film with the conventional DIY store film for decorative purposes. Therefore, it is worth referring to it as a coating rather than the word film to avoid any prejudice. Robust decors with a tactile surface and grain prove themselves on frequently used work surfaces in everyday chaos. Cooking, cleaning, spilling – no obstacle for the tested surface.

Creativity in the cooking area through adhesive film

More than just a film

The trend towards a white kitchen is still strong, but creating a contrast to the white colour in particular is often in demand. But what is the best way to add some highlights? Creativity is required here and therefore just the thing on the subject of kitchen ideas. Using the example of the two white kitchen fronts, it is easy to show how you can create a beautiful and modern contrast without redesigning everything.

Covering a worktop and back panel

resimdo film kitchen countertop backsplash wood example
resimdo film kitchen countertop backsplash example before

Verwendete Folien:
S115 – Limewashed White
NS426 – Grey Peacock Natural

The countertop and back panel of the first kitchen is finished with a light wood veneer. That’s nice, no question, but the light-coloured wood only looks weak against the equally light-coloured front. The two shelves from the counter are also made in the same type of wood and have lost their appeal over time. With the film, you don’t have to design uniformly, which means that each element can have its own concept. The professionals cover the usable surfaces, worktop and counter, with a grey-coloured slate film. In contrast, the kitchen back panel should blend uniformly with the background. Our self-adhesive film in white matt completely covers the wooden substrate and quickly implements a 2-colour combination.

resimdo film kitchen countertop splashback wood dark example
resimdo film kitchen countertop splashback wood dark example comparison

Verwendete Folie:
W823 – Dark Noce

The second kitchen has almost the same initial situation. Again, the cabinet fronts are white and the countertop and back panel are in a light-coloured wood. In this case, too, the two colours form only a weak contrast, so the film should be applied to achieve a harmonious colour match. However, the basic principle of the wood look remains, and the uniform colour scheme of the back panel and countertop should also remain. The film in Dark Noce is used and achieves a winning look with its dark brown wood grain and natural tactile texture. After covering the kitchen elements, a new indoor climate has been created, even without a complete kitchen renovation.

The two examples show that there are different possibilities to achieve creative kitchen ideas. There are almost no limits to the wealth of ideas because the flexible application possibilities of the film and the extensive range of surfaces are sure to hit the mark.

Countertop design

Quick and easy to achieve

resimdo film kitchen countertop stone renew example
resimdo film kitchen countertop stone renew example after

Verwendete Folie:
Dunkelgraue Steinoptik

Firmly integrated and made to fit, the countertop remains intact even if it no longer visually matches the style of living. The work and effort involved often go beyond the time one would like to invest in the change. Even a construction site no longer has to be. The sturdy film offers a simple alternative when remodelling because the countertop is simply covered with film. Elaborate conversions are not necessary! With its robust properties, it can withstand just as much as a veneer while embracing a wide range of design possibilities.



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