In our PDF documents, you can find additional information besides the rich content of our homepage. Here you will receive, among other things, the technical evidence of the quality of our films in the form of certificates and laboratory test results. Before ordering our products, you can get an overview of the current and available stock as well as the general price categories.

Price calculation for assemblies

Calculate your own project quickly and easily.

Who wants to wait a long time when you decide to innovate. Therefore, from now on you can save the time of waiting for a quote and enter your data directly into the calculator. You will immediately receive the price for the installation so that you can continue planning directly.

General information

Price lists and stocks.

Get an overview of Resimdo’s diverse capabilities in no time. Here you will find the latest information about decors in stock and project-related decors, as well as their price category.

Resimdo Academy

Training for DIY and trade.

Architectural films properly installed – whether you are a commercial or private customer: We help you to achieve the right results and offer both regular and individually tailored training courses and workshops.

Technical information

Product details.

The innovative high-performance film we use for applications in and around the house are tested quality products. In addition to the laboratory tests, we test the films in an in-house test procedure so that we can faithfully reproduce the product properties from the laboratory.

Manufacturer ZDRAX

Renowned for innovative functional surfaces.



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