DIY counter cladding

Especially with permanently integrated living elements like a counter, after a few years you will ask yourself %22What now?%22 The kitchen counter no longer matches the rest of the front, or the once modern bar in the hobby room is now an unspectacular centre-piece. Ripping out the built-in parts and building something new is one solution, but do you really want all the mess and hassle? There is an easier way to make the counter a real eye-catcher again: durable self-adhesive films. Waterproof, heat-resistant and easy to clean, they can withstand the daily routine of a counter and can be transformed again and again.

Transform your counter

New design for an old counter.

resimdo office reception counter black film example

The pictures show a good example with the old counter. The brown wooden reception desk just didn’t fit in with today’s modern times. A classic white seems too sterile and lacking in contrast. A dark colour was desired that also had texture. After applying the film, the black counter forms the visual centre in the room and looks cosy and friendly with the lighting. Up close, the film coating shows another highlight: The textured film in black has a golf ball pattern that is not printed but tangibly embedded in the film layers. The change can not only be seen, but also felt with the hands.

You can find these and other transformations in the picture gallery. Before-and-after photos show what is possible!

Kitchen counter

Staging the old in a new way.

resimdo kitchen kitchen counter film red s147 Rough Lobster example
resimdo kitchen drawer red s147 Rough Lobster example

Verwendete Folie:
S147 – Rough Lobster

Countertops, counters, bars: there are so many different variations of kitchen ideas for practical dividers or useful storage areas. Well embedded in the space, the counter area offers great opportunities, a quick breakfast for two or a cosy drink in the evening, alone or with friends. A kitchen counter acts as a central point in the living space, magically attracting people to it and is also an important design element. Instead of the light beech wood, we want a fresh colour that is modern, bold, and vibrant. What could be better than a bright red? After just a few hours, the desired colour has been applied, giving the counter new strength for future gatherings.

Reception area

New shine at the dentist.

resimdo practice reception wood white example
resimdo medical practice reception counter film white example
resimdo film medical practice counter white s115 limewashed white example

%22Pure white and preferably in high gloss; this makes the reception area bright, friendly and hygienic.%22 With our high-performance film, the counters at the dentist received a new %22coat of paint%22 and transformed the premises with a new overall image. Even if the old wood is still beautiful, the demands change over time. It should be easy to clean, meet the requirements of a medical practice and bring new elegance. Together with the cabinets in the background, the rooms shine with the film in white gloss in a wonderfully harmonious unity. Antibacterial and antifungal, the new surface prevents the rapid spread of unpopular pathogens and can also be cleaned with the necessary disinfectants.

resimdo practice reception area white film gloss HS204 Shiny White Gloss example
resimdo practice reception area white film gloss HS204 Shiny White Gloss example before

Verwendete Folie:
HS204 – Shiny White Gloss

Robust surface

What can the film material withstand?

A lot has changed in the industry since the old-fashioned adhesive film from the hardware store. Although the same product is still available for purchase today and certainly serves its purpose, there is also a high-tech film for high demands. It is produced in several layers, which thus meet different requirements. With a thickness starting at 400 µm, they are 10 times as thick as conventional material and thus comparable to a veneer. For everyday use at home or at work, a protective film provides water-repellent, heat-resistant and antibacterial properties. In terms of health, they meet the concerns for people and nature due to their low-impact production, without harmful substances. Instead of the printed images, there are tactile textures that make the film coating an experience for all the senses. Our range of self-adhesive film will let your imagination roam!

DIY counter cladding

From the first screw to the professional finish.

Some industrious tinkerers will always find a new task for you to test your talent on. Why buy a plain counter when you can build an exclusive one-of-a-kind counter yourself instead? In this way, resourceful DIY fans can save a lot of money and create a new interior design themselves
. For the basic construction of the self-made furniture, inexpensive materials such as chipboard and plasterboard are perfectly suitable. Of course, these surfaces do not remain naked and merely visible, a disguise must be made, with little effort and a lot of effect! For this purpose, a high-quality, thick-layer self-adhesive film is suitable, which covers minor irregularities and forms a beautiful, even surface. With such a finish, it is no longer even possible to guess what exactly is hidden under the aesthetic skin. Resimdo offers just the right material for this purpose, resistant to the action of intense substances such as soy sauce, coke or vinegar, fire-resistant, germ-resistant and free of harmful substances. What’s more, the high-tech film adheres to almost any smooth surface and withstands a wide range of mechanical stresses. And the choice of different decors for your new counter is enormous!

Plasterboard becomes marble: a noble counter for style addicts

Surely you already have a picture in mind of how the self-made counter should look in the kitchen, at the reception or in the bar: Maybe you like shiny metal or sophisticated leather, or you’re more into cool concrete. Sophisticated wood grains are particularly popular, but fine natural stone has also long since won plenty of fans. Our self-adhesive films for counters and all conceivable other furniture items meet these diverse wishes. They come in a large number of different designs – including the matching surface texture. This gives you the opportunity to build a counter completely according to your own ideas from the simplest materials and then to clad it exactly as you wish. Plasterboard becomes marble, OSB becomes leather and chipboard becomes stylish ash wood. This looks just great, and costs so much less than the original materials!

A stylish welcome for guests and customers thanks to homemade counter cladding

Such a nobly designed counter sets a glamorous optical highlight not only in private settings, but can also be a real eye-catcher in commercial premises. Whether in a medical practice, a restaurant, an office or anywhere else: the self-made counter exudes its individual charm in any setting and sends a friendly welcome to every guest or customer. Of course, the exclusive DIY piece can not only be designed to suit its owner’s visual preferences but can also be adapted in terms of functional features. In this way, an optimally usable piece of furniture is created, a counter made to measure, which serves as a business card of your company and at the same time serves as a perfect work surface for the employees. The same goes for the homemade kitchen counter and bar counter. Attractive looks and outstanding ease of use are always combined if you plan your project on the drawing board beforehand and then turn it into reality with great enthusiasm. Our self-adhesive film increases your freedom of design, because who would dare to cut expensive natural stone to size themselves, apply real leather applications like a professional or cast customised concrete elements? Instead, you’ll need nothing more than a saw, cordless screwdriver, and maybe some metal brackets to stabilize the DIY counter. The outer shell follows on its heels and can even be redesigned again and again as fashion changes. It doesn`t get any cooler than this!



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