Film and installation warranty

To make sure you get to enjoy your new surface design for as long as possible, we offer a warranty on the film and the fitting. In each case, the material and fitting are subject to different warranty periods and conditions. The main difference comes down to whether you choose the DIY fitting option, or installation by our fitters. Here you will find details on this topic and a few interesting tips on how to handle the film material.

Warranty depending on selected fitting option

Self-adhesion or installation by resimdo fitters.

Purchase and DIY fitting

Those who choose the Do-It-Yourself variant receive a warranty of up to 10 years on the material. In order to be able to specify a warranty accurately, laboratory findings and test results are available with regard to the properties and characteristics, so that we know exactly what the film is capable of. In the detailed view in the online shop, you will find the exact details that should be noted for each product during use, and details as to what the selected film can withstand.

A prerequisite to the film warranty is that it must be inspected immediately after receipt of the package. We have no influence over the fitting or defects resulting from the selected fitting method and, therefore, this is not covered under the film warranty. You can find all details regarding the warranty and the conditions in-store, with the warranty information, and on the detail page for each film, via the info button beside the warranty details.

Installation by resimdo fitters

If you have opted for the complete resimdo film package, in addition to the warranty of up to ten years on the film, you will receive an additional two-year warranty on the labour/fitting. In order to provide the full warranty, we only process our own film materials with our own equipment.

We cannot make any guarantee regarding materials that are not purchased by us, and therefore do not apply/fit third-party materials. You are also expected to treat your new surface responsibly. The film properties tell you the load criteria that the film can withstand under everyday use and this information is stated again, for each specific product, on the detail page in the online shop. During the processing of your order, you will receive a supplementary data sheet explaining in detail the conditions for the fitting of orders.

Interesting facts regarding use of the film

Interesting facts and things worth knowing when handling film.

Even though the film can withstand everyday use, the new film coating should always be handled with care – as with any surface:

Cut-resistant and scratch-resistant are two different things. If you cut directly on the film with a knife, damage can of course occur. Therefore, a cutting board is generally a good idea and should be used.

The film is heat-resistant up to 110°C, however, some kitchen utensils/appliances can get hotter than this. As a rule, this will be stated in the instruction manual for the kitchen accessory. However, if you want to play it safe, use a coaster for hot containers. Here is a little example: a pressure cooker can reach up to 130°C and may leave an imprint in case of direct contact, which the film’s heat damage self-healing function can no longer cope with. The thermal conductivity of certain materials can also differ significantly. For example, the outside of metals or enamels heats up faster and more heat builds up on the base than one might think.

The surface has been tested regarding its interaction with strong agents such as cola, vinegar or hydrochloric acids at concentrations of up to 10%, however, stains should still be removed and should not be left to dry in. Please don’t take offence at the suggestion, but if some stains are left to soak in for more than a day, a rim can form that can be a little more difficult to clean off. Everyday spills should definitely not be left for any longer than 48 hours. Red wine or tomato sauce should always be wiped up promptly.

Candle wax is different to normal dirt. Please avoid wax getting directly on the surface, as anyone who has experienced this on a veneer will be aware that wax leaves behind a greasy layer.

The film is made for indoor use, and we only fit it indoors. However, if used outdoors, temperature fluctuations or seasonal changes in weather such as frost, snow, heat, UV radiation and rain can cause the film to permanently lose its colour or the texture may be altered. No warranty is provided in case of outdoor use.

The categorisation of the designs, in terms of area of application and scratch-resistance, is a recommendation made by ourselves, as we are familiar with all of the designs, i.e. their properties and load-bearing characteristics. In our store, you will find detailed information and explanations on the details page for each product via the info buttons by the respective feature. Of course, even a delicate design can be used on a surface that is not recommended by us, however, the handling must be adjusted accordingly. For example, a glossy style that is glued to the floor and will be walked on with shoes will get scratched by stones or heels faster than a concrete style. So it’s either %22shoes off!%22 or choose another style.

On the whole, this shouldn’t be of too much concern to anyone reading, as belongings should be treated with care in any home. All we want to communicate that the film is resilient to a certain degree, but it is not indestructible. Therefore, it should be treated like any other surface. Gross negligence does not fall under normal handling and is not covered by our warranty.

Film also requires care

Simple cleaning.

For regular maintenance of the film, cleaning the surface with household cleaners is a quick and easy method. For stubborn or dried-on dirt, for example dirt that has been stuck in a hard-to-reach place for a long time, the area can also be soaked or, depending on the chosen style, removed with a scraper. For particularly stubborn dirt or greasy and oily residues, a surface cleaner is always a good and hygienic tool to have to hand, and the film tolerates it very well.

Warranty or problem cases

There is a solution for everything!

If there is a problem with the film or the bonding, we are also happy to provide advice and assistance after the film has been glued down. This applies whether you have selected DIY or fitter installation, have suffered a mishap, or want to claim under warranty. As a rule, we can always find a way to put things right. They say that big mills grind slowly, however, quick problem-solving is our priority when difficulties arise. If you encounter a problem, just call. It is always helpful if you send an email with a picture of the problem and a phone number so that we can call you back after checking with our technicians, and the problem is sure to be resolved quickly.



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