Furniture film-coating as a business idea

Furniture film-coating is a relatively new industry in Germany, although the film-coating of furniture, walls, tiles, etc. has already been successfully implemented in many countries around the world for several years. With a durable and functional, quality film, new interior design opportunities, which are only now being discovered, are opening up in both an industrial and a domestic setting. The film-coating industry thus offers a market with potential and growth that is not yet littered with competition and price wars. Now is the right time to take advantage. Don’t miss your chance!

Market development - film

How are trends developing?

The increase in the number of interested parties demonstrates the potential in the film-coating industry. At the beginning of the 21st century, the first market players began to show an interest in the area of furniture stickers. Between 2005 and 2010, barely any changes were noted in terms of market development. Only around 5,000 people per month tried to learn about films for furniture. However, this saw an abrupt change. From 2010 onwards, a significant increase of approx. 20% per year can be observed in terms of the number of people intensively studying the subject. The monthly search volume currently sits at around 100,000 people who are looking closely at the topic. A specialist field is developing for each area in which film can be applied: kitchen filming, door filming, cabinet filming, tile filming and much more. The areas of application seem endless. It is precisely at this point that the potential of furniture film-coating as a business idea becomes apparent. Continuous growth, rapid development, increasing customer volumes and numerous application possibilities offer an attractive means by which to generate revenue. Two factors have been instrumental in the positive development in the film-coating industry. On the one hand, the increasing popularity of film-coating in general, and on the other hand, the high-quality materials now available.


Possibilities and implementation

How can we take advantage of increasing demand?

With this new industry, there are numerous opportunities, as Germany is currently still in the discovery phase. Film-coating walls, remodelling office spaces, or customising your interior design. The wide range of applications of special furniture film, together with the advantages of film-coating, are seeing film-coating grow into a successful business opportunity with a promising future. In this industry you can start from scratch, establish yourself successfully, and earn money. You work independently, have varied tasks, and determine your own area of expertise. You already have your own business and want to increase your customers’ awareness of the products? With our Marketing Tools you can see the quality for yourself!



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