Project and order processing

Benefit from our many years of experience in the implementation of a wide variety of project orders, from planning to implementation, on every scale. Our strength lies in the provision of individual customer service, as well as the discussion of cost-effective and transparent solutions.

Project implementation variants

Here you will find the right approach for your project.

We always offer several solutions for the implementation of your project, thus allowing you to decide for yourself which variant suits you best.

Professional installation

resimdo restaurant counter top brown wood-effect film - example

We work alongside you to plan the implementation of your project, from start to finish. Starting with the sampling and selection of the right film, right through to its professional installation. Our films are installed without invasive procedures, meaning they can be installed while systems are still in operation, eliminating unnecessary downtime costs.

Training your employees

As a more cost-effective option, we would be happy to help you install our films yourself. Our installation manager will train your employees or in-house craftsmen specifically for your project. This way, you save on external installation costs, are more flexible in terms of your time schedule, and your employees are prepared for future projects.

Material purchasing

resimdo wood concrete stone metal film example

If you only require the material and tools, you can order from us with special purchasing conditions. Take advantage of fast and smooth delivery from our warehouse in Germany. We are also available after your purchase to answer any technical questions you may have regarding installation.

Advantages of applying film

Why is film coating worthwhile?


Installation without invasive procedures

The application of the films produces no unpleasant odours, noise, or dirt. Everyday operations will only be limited under certain conditions.

High cost-saving potential

Compared to classical methods of renovation, the installation of our films is usually cheaper.

Certified material

Our films meet all European industrial standards – among others, they also hold the B1 fire protection certificate.

More than 300 styles

In addition to the wide range of styles, our films also impress with their tactile feel and robust surface quality.

Broad target groups

The application possibilities are limitless – our customers include hotels, project managers, property managers, shopfitters and public institutions.

Expert support and works management

Our technical consultants are available to assist you at any time, by telephone or on-site, as site managers.

Project - renovation drawing the example of a medical practice

See the remodelling of a dental practice here.

Here you will find a classic example of the entire remodelling of a doctor’s surgery. Consultation, planning, and sampling were carried out in advance by our in-house project managers.

The final renovations included coating various doors in a dark wood finish; refurbishing the entire reception area – counter, wall cabinets and coat rack – in Foil Gloss White. In the patient room, the permanently installed wall cabinet was coated in a light wood deco-effect design.

Results with pictures and examples

The before/after effect of film coating.

Here, by way of example, we present a selection of film coating projects with before and after comparisons, to give you an impression of the transformation. Film coating transforms the effect of furnishings and premises, and all without buying new pieces. The new surface alone creates a new atmosphere in any commercial areas, such as offices, hotels, restaurants and much more.



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