Renovating stairs

When renovating stairs, we use a particularly robust adhesive film that can withstand daily use. Waterproof and easy to clean, the film does not restrict your continued use of the stairs and is not to be compared with the thin film you will find in your local hardware store. At the same time, it offers the option to choose between different surface finishes. If you have an open staircase in the house, you can match the colour of the stairs to the rest of your interior. In apartment buildings, you can design a grand staircase in classic colours or stone designs, for example.

Renovate stairs rather than buying new


Signs of wear and tear from worn stair treads or faded paint in the stairwell present owners with a tough decision. To renovate the old staircase or buy a new staircase element? Rather than painting the old wooden stairs, the adhesive film revives the appearance of the staircase during your renovation. This eliminates the cost of the disposal of the old wooden staircase, means there is no need to purchase a new staircase, and all this without turning the house into a building site. Upon request, we can fit the individual stair treads with a transparent non-slip mat to permanently prevent falls on slippery surfaces.

For more information on a wood-effect staircase renovation, check out our blog.



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