Let’s get down to the basics. The tutorials offer a close look at the individual techniques involved. They do not focus on the entire film application project, but rather on individual steps that may arise in any project. It’s worth taking a close look, and you’re encouraged to follow along.

resimdo film kitchen drawer silver metal example

Corners and edges

Apply to corners and edges with a simple and safe method. Anyone can use this technique without prior knowledge and get a great result!

resimdo film wood brown wrinkle free example

Wrinkles and creases

It happens even to professionals: wrinkles or creases. Due to the pliable and repositionable properties of the film, this is not a problem. Wrinkles and creases can be completely removed.

resimdo film white pattern example

Bubble free bonding

Beautifully smooth and even gluing is no challenge with air channel technology. If any bubbles remain, the simple technique shows how to get rid of them without the need to pierce them.

resimdo film kitchen kitchen front white example

Removing the film

Film promises simple and quick renovation – again and again. Naturally, it can also be removed again to make room for a new surface.

resimdo film tiles wood cutting example

Removing tile stickers

Peel the stickers off the tiles quickly, using heat and fingertips. Here is the tutorial for removing tile stickers without leaving adhesive residue and preparing for the new design.

resimdo film kitchen kitchen fronts beige stone example

Blow dry any curves

Cabinet units do not always have perfect 90° corners. For a good result, you can stray slightly here, but please note that for lasting results, a bit of practice is needed!

resimdo kitchen front concrete stone example

How to use a squeegee properly

Work from the centre to the sides, one strip at a time: if the squeegee is correctly positioned on the film, no bubbles will form in the first place. As this is the most important tool for gluing, it is worth taking a look.

resimdo film kitchen front veneer peel off example

Removing veneer

If there are already damaged areas, it will be quicker to remove the veneer than to fix it. You can easily do this yourself using the pressing methods of the furniture industry.



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